misc hits today


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Stopped on lunch at the card shop and grabbed a few packs

2013 hometown heroes
defining moments Cal Ripken
curtain call gold Derek Jeter
nicknames Ken Griffey Jr
Carlton Fisk Sp #276
Hometown signatures
David Murphy
Willie McGee ( On Ebay but will pull)
left their marks auto Bob Horner

2014 A&G
Full size relic Edwin Encanacion bat

2014 topps update
Jose Abreu rc
Jose Abreu gold rc #d/2014
Tanaka Rc
The future is now Jose Abreu
David Murphy sabremetrics sp
Tom Koehler auto
Paiul Goldschmidt relic
Eddie Murray WS Ring #d/99
1976 topps Jon Matlack
1970 topps Jack Baldschun

2014 topps strata
Silhouette auto Dri Archer (STEELERS)

All are ft


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I haven't picked up that Koehler auto yet -- I could use it.

Have for you from your other thread:
2011 A&G Mini 140 Felix Hernandez
2009 A&G creatures of legend myth and joy mini 12 Cyclops