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will clark card

Broder type card

Worth only what a Clark collector is willing to pay.

whats a broder card ? i've been collecting for years never heard of it !
now i got to figure out these 2 bob feller cards (they say the bob feller story on front)
card 1 #2 bob led al in k's 7 times
card 2 #3 bob led al in wins 6 times
thanks and God bless
Broder is a generic term used to describe unlicensed cards. It comes from a photographer/card maker who issued cards from photos he took. Actually I have seen two Broders, Ed and Rob. Unsure if they are related.

That Clark card comes from the late 80s/early 90s, where many of those sets were produced and issued. Daclyde is trying to catalog some of these issues and has a thread about it here. Check it out, he might even have your Clark card noted.

The Feller story cards are similar issues. I don't recall who made them, but there are a number of sets chronicling various players careers in the form of "The Bob Feller Story", The Duke Snider Story", etc. I want to say they were made by ASA or something like that. Those come from the early 90s as well. They are mostly interesting to oddball, team and player collectors with minimal resale value. They are often lumped into a Collectors Series type of card issue. Often licensed, but only featuring retired players.