More 2010 Topps Baseball images/details released

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Oct 7, 2005
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Northwest Washington

1. Don't know if I care for the exclusive logo. Imagine a card with the exclusive and RC logo, I bet it would/will be pretty busy.

2. Looks like they are going to stay with Ibanez on the GU/Auto stuff. NICE!!

3. Why are people on beckett complain so much. Just shut up and enjoy the cards or do something else with your time.

edit: Interesting, check out this checklist. Is topps starting to distance itself from all the HR controversy or is it a 'rights' thing?
History of the Game
HOG1 Baseball Invented (This card better not have the word Doubleday on it)
HOG2 First Professional Baseball Game
HOG3 National League Created
HOG4 A.L. Elevated to Major League Status
HOG5 First World Series Game Played
HOG6 Taft Attends Opening Day
HOG7 Ruth Sold to the Yankees
HOG8 Baseball hits the Airwaves
HOG9 Gehrig Replaces Wally Pipp
HOG10 Ruth Sets Single Season HR Mark
HOG11 First MLB® All-Star Game
HOG12 First Night Game in MLB History
HOG13 Ruth Retires w/ 715 Career HRs
HOG14 First Hall of Fame Class
HOG15 Jackie Robinson Plays MLB® game
HOG16 First Televised Game
HOG17 Dodgers & Giants to California
HOG18 Maris Breaks Ruth HR Record
HOG19 First MLB® Draft
HOG20 MLBPA Created
HOG21 DH rule created
HOG22 Ryan Throws 7th No-Hitter
HOG23 Ripken Breaks Gehrig’s Streak
HOG24 Interleague Play Introduced
HOG25 1st MLB® game in Japan
Where is Wrigley gets lights, MLB goes international, WS earthquake, WS canceled due to strike?
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The photography just gets better and better, but I really wish Topps would drop the borders if they're going to keep cluttering the cards with massive logos or team names. Aside from that, the subsets all look the same as every year for the past 5-10. That's not to say they're ugly, just getting boring.
Three of those are somewhat negative. Perhaps making cards to commemorate those events is not something they see as a large selling point. Picture it now..."Oh boy, I pulled the WS Cancelled card. Whoo Hoo!!!"

Score did a Wrigley lights card already too.

As far as going international, what aspect do you mean exactly? Playing games in foreign countries? Still US teams playing. The influx of foreign born players? That has been happening for years., WS canceled due to strike?[/QUOTE]
They look nice to me.... cant wait to see the Chromes in person!
I think the design on the base cards looks a little cheap -- but hopefully the numbers on the back are easier to read than the 2009s.

Why could they just use the same design as the 2009 Topps football base? I'm a big fan of this design.
I hope the add to the cards your mother threw out set in series 2.
If they don't I would have rather seen these players than current ones.
Roberto Clemente
Ted Williams
Sandy Koufax
Don Drysdale
Willie Mays
Pete Rose
Willie Stargell
Lou Brock
Andre Dawson
Hank Aaron
Warren Spahn
Al Kaline
Bill Freehan
and several others

instead of these - and I collect some of these guys, but I don't think they really fit the set.

MTO38 Gary Sheffield
MTO39 Frank Thomas
MTO40 Chipper Jones
MTO41 Manny Ramirez
MTO42 Derek Jeter
MTO46 Pedro Martinez
MTO47 Alex Rodriguez
MTO48 Ivan Rodriguez
MTO49 Randy Johnson
MTO50 Ichiro
MTO51 Albert Pujols
MTO52 Kevin Youkilis
MTO53 Alfonso Soriano
MTO54 Ryan Howard
MTO55 Alex Gordon
MTO56 Dustin Pedroia
MTO57 Tim Lincecum
MTO58 Evan Longoria
I really love the design of this set. Topps stole my idea of "when they were young". I have a nice picture of Miguel Cabrera when he was a little leaguer and made a custom of him now and then. Still haven't recieved it back yet.