More fake 1/1 pujols autos on ebay

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Mar 2, 2009
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Ebay buyers are so naive its sad....A simple search would show them what their bidding on is fakes

Here is a good example

2 albert pujols 1/1 autos of the same card sold by 2 different sellers,2 days apart.Another classic case of mutiple 1/1 fakes of the same card.Goes to show how bad ebay has gotten with scammers

Only difference in the cards is one scammer signed top to bottom and the other signed across.
All we can hope for is either eBay to wise up and crack down on these guys, or an outside law enforcement is acting as these "naive buyers" to build a case against the sellers and/or eBay.
Well guys...I reported the first two to ebay as frauds and asked the guy above if he is willing to go to prison for fraud...will see what happens...

Best to report them, instead of just letting us know.
yea i've been reporting them also but ebay doesn't seem to be doing anything about them.Its sad that ebay is letting these scammers over run their site and scam people out of hard earned money.
Almost every single one of those Pujols buybacks is fake. I started a thread where someone purchased Pujols base cards and common Bowman Originals autos, only to auction off fake Pujols buyback cards a few weeks later.
Another set of fake 2006 Bowman Originals Buybacks, same card (2006 Topps Turkey Red) all 1/1 (yeah, right).

Auction #1, seller greatwrighter, ebay auction 330509676111, sold for $208.11 on 12/20/10. Same seller sold another one, ebay auction 290510838714 (203 Topps 205) on 12/17/10 for $224.72.


Auction #2, seller proton.415, ebay auction 270682821895, sold for $130.50 on 12/22/10 to waxpackcity; relisted as buy-it-now for $199.99, ebay listing 220716412225.


Auction #3, seller probstein123, ebay auction 110629122706 (later cancelled)


Auction #4, seller proton.415 (yes, second one from this seller), ebay auction 270651066119, sold for $250.01 on 10/18/10 to koifujikoi


Auction #5, seller alyiahnelson18 (zero feedback), ebay auction 320635230811, sold for $128.25 on 12/27/10

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couple more fakes in my last post above and one of those is a turkey red also.
Added another one from proton.415

Almost all of his auctions are for Pujols 1/1 cards

These from past month (with card listed):

270680483712 Dec-14-10 Dec-15-10 19:00:29 PST US $163.41 Bowman's Best Albert Pujols auto signed 1/1 (2005 Bowman Heritage) theoldrookie ( 4948) (*)

270680480035 Dec-14-10 Dec-15-10 19:15:35 PST US $170.91 Originals GU Albert Pujols auto signed 1/1 (2006 Bowman Heritage GU) ralphdogg01 ( 722) (*)

270682820568 Dec-21-10 Dec-22-10 18:45:07 PST US $138.50 Albert Pujols Originals hand-signed auto 1/1 Chrome (2006 Bowman Chrome) waxpackcity ( 9698) (*)

270682821895 Dec-21-10 Dec-22-10 19:00:28 PST US $130.50 Bowman Originals Albert Pujols auto 1/1 Turkey Red (2006 Topps Turkey Red) waxpackcity ( 9698) (*)

plus these doozies (almost every single feedback was for a 1/1 card):

2006 Originals Albert Pujols auto hand-signed 1/1 (#270665287566) (2002 Topps 206) sold to ralphdogg01 on 11/27/10 for $160.91

2006 Originals Joe Mauer auto hand-signed 1/1 (#270665288816) (2002 Bowman Heritage) sold to belattyatlaw on 11/21/10 for $121.00

Hank Aaron Originals auto Heritage 1/1 (#270651067115) (2005 Topps Heritage Flashback) sold to loggersdoitinthewoods1 on 10/18/10 for $181.38

2006 Originals Albert Pujols auto Turkey Red 1/1 (#270651066119) (2006 Topps Turkey Red, yes another one) sold to koifujikoi on 10/18/10 for $250.01

1997 Bowman certified Derek Jeter auto yellow ink 1/1 (#270642961001) sold to johnnyc12 for $172.50

2005 Albert Pujols auto Topps Rookie Cup Orange/399 (#270642963930) sold on 10/3/10 to nickjjp10 for $147.55 (presumably fake sticker auto; there was unnumbered version and two versions #d/1 and #d/5 but none #d/399)

Albert Pujols auto 1/1 2010 National AG (#270631584210) sold to mapa-to-8 for $250.00, feedback on 9/9/10

2002 Originals Pujols auto 1/1 (#270618671202) sold to waxpackcity for $147.50, feedback on 8/12/10

Pujols Ichiro RC Bowman Originals auto 1/1 (#270608276453) sold to koifujikoi for $271.00, feedback on 7/23/10

Albert Pujols Originals buyback auto 1/1 - Mint (#270597136010) sold to allhopeisgone1980 for $174.69 (buyer complained but no response), feeback on 7/6/10

Albert Pujols Originals buyback auto 1/1 - Mint (#270589216607) sold to bosoxr1 for $177.19, feedback on 7/2/10 is another 1/1 just like the first 2 in this thread

Can't help but to notice these fakes when i'm doing my daily search for pujols auction thats ending and newly listed.I search daily hoping to snatch a pujols at good price and it seems i spot a new fake pujols every time i search.

the scammer i exposed in the quote has listed another fake 1/1 pujols