More ***** Leaguers! 2 Successes :D


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Interesting how my successes seem to coincide almost... two weeks I receive nothing back in the mail, then one day I get back 2-3.

Today was a decent enough day :D

3/1 John "Mule" Miles. I sent him a questionnaire at the beginning of this year I think, received it back completed along with index cards, and then sent him a donation. He took the time to write a thank you note then.

Now, however, he signed my 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter card, personalized it to me, and, he also sent me back two index cards that I did not initially send. He wrote 'inspirational messages' on them. Pretty neat :cool:

Next brought 1/1 Mack Pride

He completed my questionnaire.

Overall not too bad!