MS Braves vs West Tenn Diamond Jaxx day 2

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Ellis Shoe

4.90 star(s)
Jul 24, 2006
Ridgeland, MS
Did West Tenn again tonight since I won't be back tomorrow night. Always good to see a major league rehabber that is 10 times more pleasant than a guy that has been in professional baseball less than a year.

Alex Romero 5/5
Jack Wilson on rehab 4/4
Tim Laker 2/3
Luis Munoz 1/1
Dustin Ackley 1/2 (his quote as he signed "I will remember this card....don't let me see this crap show up on ebay. I will be looking!) Way too full of himself in my opinion.
i cant vouch for ackley; but i do have to say that i understand his concern. he has been such a gracious signer for the most part, that i can only imagine some balls he signed in arizona, he saw were sold. once again, it's not a defense for the way he treated you, but i had this feeling from your last post and it sounds like this is exactly what is happening.anyone under 21 or so, he is hesitant and leery of i guess. he is souring quickly on auto's...he started off so accommodating...which might have been his biggest mistake!!

Can you tell me if the Miss Braves published a baseball card of Tom Glavine since he pitched there last year?
Can you tell me if the Miss Braves published a baseball card of Tom Glavine since he pitched there last year?

Hi Jack, no they did not since he wasnt technically assigned to the team, he was only considered a rehab player.
Great pickups...I was unable to get Tim Laker when I went in Mobile...he totally ignored me and was a *****. Sucks about Ackley again, he was cool when I met him and signed 3/3 without complaining.
That is crazy about Ackley- I know he is a high profile prospect, but that is ridiculous for him to act that way. Maybe he should worry less about what people are doing with his autographs & focus more on playing better.
I never understood why these guys worried about someone making $10 or so off of their autograph on a baseball card when they make millions (his bonus was a couple mil.)
congrats, I can understand why these players would make comments like that but in all honesty I don't think they realize that the cards are not what sells.