Review Museum Collection - M L B

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5.00 star(s)
Museum Collection - M L B​

4 mini boxes - 5 cards to a box
Every box contains: 1 on card auto, one auto'd relic, one quad relic, and one prime relic

I received these:

11 base cards - 11% of the base set


3 bronze - Gordon, Gray, Refsnyder
1 green - Cabrera #ed to 199

Canvas Collection

Griffey, Jr.



Meaningful Material

Michael Conforto #ed to 50

Quad Relic

Primary Pieces
Lance Lynn #ed to 99

Signature Swatches
Zack Wheeler #ed to 299

On Card Auto

Steven Souza, Jr -- #ed to 299


Museum Collection is a premium issue. The cost alone makes it a premium issue. Here in O'do boxes are going for $200+.... just a bit out there!

The base cards are thick with high gloss on both sides. The set collector could have a bit of a struggle with this one - unless the 'bay comes into play or one heck of a lot of trading. Player collectors should find Museum Collection to be a great issue.

I do have a gripe -- this is a premium issue and at a premium price - sticker autos and numbered to 299 and some to 499??? All of these autos should be on card and numbered to less than 100 -- MAX.

I like the Canvas Collection - not really sure how many cards are in the collection, but as usual, they are well done and look great!

Overall grade B -- need more base, lower numbered autos and all on card!!

Go buy a box or 3 and send the Rays - autos, patches, and parallels to me!