Museum Collection - U E F A


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Museum Collection - U E F A

One mini box - 8 cards
1 auto, 1 auto memorabilia, and 1 memorabilia card

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I received these:


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Szczesny, Stegen, Asensio

UEFA Museum Collection is a premium issue for the futbol/soccer fan. The cards are thick with the front featuring an action shot of the futbol player. The front nearly looks to have a refractor/reflector look to it. It is glossy and the foil imprint around the pic is a refractor foil. I believe there are 100 cards in the base set. Building a base set by picking up boxes, i.e. mini boxes, could be a major undertaking - one would need a minimum of 34 boxes to have the possibility of getting a complete base set.

The reverse of the card gives one personal stats, team name, position, UEFA performance record and a highlight of his career. The cards are a bit dark. I would personally prefer a card that is a bit lighter and easier to see and read.

UEFA Museum Collection is a good issue for the player collector with autos, auto'd relics, relics, and various parallels to chase.


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Bronze - Dembele #ed to 99
Gold - Moura #ed to 50


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Momentous Material Jumbo Relic - Danilo #ed to 99

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Archival Auto - Renato Sanches #ed to 50

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Museum Auto'd Relic - Andre Onana #ed to 99

Both autos are sticker autos with blue Sharpee.

Overall grade A- gonna be hard to complete the base set of this issue!

Go buy several boxes and see what relics and autos you might pull!