My 2015 tradebait


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Here are the cards I have of trade interest. All are available, though not all are equally available. If you want the cards on the list that most people are going to want (Trout, Jeter, and the like), you will have to trade more in value than the guides would indicate. Because those are the cards that I want, as well. Future Hall Of Famers count as Hall Of Famers to me.

For the record, I've traded a Trout card this year, because someone did just that. If you want the quality, bring the quality. I shouldn't have to explain this every time, but I apparently do. Lowballers will be ignored.

These are my cards from 2015 I have acquired, by whatever method. I'm not a huge fan of looking at your lists. You know the best offer you will make for the cards you want. I want variations or parallels of Hall Of Fame cards, or similars of Cubs. Preferably, the Cubs stuff should be Theo era.

Golds - To 2015

119 Sanchez Tigers
150 Stanton Mariners
177 Konerko White Sox
223 Angels Team
228 Peavy Giants
342 Padres Team

Rainbow Parallels

176 Abreu White Sox
348 Santana Indians


A-19 Pujols Angels

First Pitch

FP-01 Bridges
FP-03 McKinney
FP-10 Elliott

Free Agent



H-7 Giants
10a ESPN
H-24 Jeter
H-25 McGwire

Inspired Play

I-3 Teixeira-Mattingly
I-8 Cespedes-Rice
I-10 Freeman-McGriff


R-6 Heyward
R-14 Trout

More will be added soon.

Call Your Shot cards

1 Coupon
1 Scratch-off
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The Abreu probably isn't going anywhere. Kind of like the serial numbered Trout I gave up, I'm only giving up the Abreu if somebody goes "over the top". And, no, a rainbow Cubs card or two isn't over the top. (Think rather nice Rizzo card with a kicker.) No reason in the world to trade it. Every reason in the world to keep it. As has been proven by the two above posters.


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I never said autos. Not sure why I want to trade a card that's on everyone's short list for..... a Mike Olt card, or something.