My 25th 5 more TTM successes

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Sep 15, 2009
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Randolph, New Jersey
It's my 25th birthday today, and i got a bunch of great gifts in the mail:

Roberto Alomar- 1/2 c/o Home
Brandon Morrow- 2/2 c/o Mariners
Travis Lee- 4/4 c/o Home
Robert Parish- 2/2 c/o Home
Nate Archibald- 2/2 c/o Home

I also got a bunch of gifts from my parents, cousins, etc.:

Tom Seaver auto OMLB JSA
Nolan Ryan auto OMLB JSA
Bob Gibson auto OMLB JSA
Yogi Berra auto OMLB JSA

1988 Topps Complete Set
1987 Topps Complete Set
1989 Topps Complete Set
1986 Topps Complete Set
1990 Topps Complete Set
1992 Topps Complete Set
1995 Topps Complete Set

and (6- 1,000 count card boxes...FILLED with assorted baseball cards!!!)

Great Birthday for me!!!

Thanks for reading!!!
Happy belated birthday, would ya be interested in trading one of the Parrish autos? - thanks, erik
Happy Birthday.Nice presents all.