my A-Roid rage made me cut up a 51 yr old card on Black Friday

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
got this in a trade on scn, has his holo also

decided I'd give this a shot, not a Tigers uni card but I have quite a few Tigers 59 Topps signed so figured why not if I'm going to make a cut card. Have another 59 Topps on the back of it as well. Wasn't gonna try to make a custom back or anything so really I "ruined" 2 of these cards. Just waiting on my 2nd Jerry Staley to come in and I'll be "ruining" 2 more 59 Topps. Sorry set collectors. If Clem was alive I'd had gotten an on card auto of his but since he died about 3 years ago it's not really an option.
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yeah but I had gotten the index for my Tigers collection in a lot of deceased Tigers I picked up and index cards aren't the easiest to display so figured might as well make a cut out of it til I want to give someone a premium for a Tigers signed card
Given the options and the clean 3x5, I might have done the same. A 59 Labine isn't a bank breaker card, even when using 2. It doesn't look too bad, although I would have suggested using a straight edge for the cut out window.

I got a Labine IC as well, needing to make it into a Met custom - Just not sure how to yet

I have thought about doing the same with some of my other cert cards of players not in a met uniform. Since I have paid dirt cheap for some 96 Leaf signatures, I figured what the heck
If I was any good at making customs I'd probably do that but since I'm not this is my best bet. Heck if it ever comes down to it and the only card I need signed for my 2008 Topps set...well I'll be doing the same with Mickey Mantle to finish the set.