My Celebrity successes from 1999/2000

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Apr 25, 2006
Here is my list of the celebrity successes I had over 10 years ago.Most of these are 8x10's.Hopefully this will give TTMers a good idea of celebrity signers, though some of the following celebrities are deceased.
Don Adams(dec)
Danny Aiello
James Best(paid $15 for this one)
John Edwards(Yeah I know,lol.Could be stamped).
Didi Conn
Dyan Cannon
Loni Anderson
Bea Arthur(dec)
Ed Asner
Frankie Avalon
Lauren Bacall
William Christopher
Scott Baio
Billy Barty(dec)
Kenny Baker
Adrienne Barbeau
Stephanie Beacham
Nigel Bennett
John McClain
Ken Berry
Jacqueline Bisset
Valerie Bertinelli
Lisa Hartman Black
Ronnie Lott
Ron Berger
Carol Burnett
George and Barbara Bush
George W.Bush(5x8) Pre-Presidential
Ernest Borgnine
Pam Dawber
Glen Campbell
Harry Carey, Jr.
Art Carney(dec)
Dixie Carter(actress)
Nancy Cartwright
Kim Cattrell
Dick Clark
Roy Clark
Crook and Chase
Perry Como(dec)
Mike Connors
Tim Conway
Bill Cosby
Walter Cronkite(dec)
Denise Crosby
Kevin Costner
Angie Dickinson
Billy Crystal
Tony Curtis
Tyne Daly
Ann B. Davis
Dom DeLuise(dec)
Danny DeVito
Joyce DeWitt
Phyllis Diller
Fats Domino
Elinor Donahue
Faye Dunaway(5x8)
Buddy Ebsen(dec)
Jack Elam(dec)
Jim Carrey
Ralph Emery
Estelle Getty(dec)
Robert Englund
Linda Evans(5x8)
Peter Falk
Jaime Farr
Mike Farrell
Sally Field(5x8)
Gerald Ford(dec) (Index Card)
James Garner
Teri Garr
Crystal Gayle
Mel Gibson
Robert Fuller(actor)
Kathie Lee Gifford(5x8)
Vince Gill
Mickey Gilley
John Glenn
Sharon Gless
Kate Jackson(5x8)
Whoopi Goldberg
Karen Grassle
James Gregory(as Ursus) (dec)
Marie Wallace(5x8)
Gary Player
Brendan Fraser
Rue McClanahan
Larry Hagman
Charlton Heston(dec)
Judd Hirsch
Bob and Delores Hope dual auto (Bob dec)
Anjelica Huston
Kim Hunter(as Zira) (dec)
Iman(likely stamped)
Walt Garrison
Ann Jillian
Arte Johnson
George Jones
Casey Kasem
George Kennedy
Dirk Benedict(postcard)
Nicolas Cage
Angela Lansbury
Vicki Lawrence
Cloris Leachman
Brenda Lee
Stan Lee(with Spider Man)
Janet Leigh(dec)
Jennifer Lien
Barbara Mandrell
David Letterman
Robert Loggia
Sophia Loren
Lorna Luft
Shirley MacClaine
Lee Majors
Rose Marie
Penny Marshall
Steve Martin
Neal McCoy
Judith Light
Maureen McCormick(5x8)
Liza Minnielli
Mary Tyler Moore
Scotty Moore(was lead guitarist for Elvis)
Barbara Eden
Martin Milner
Erin Moran
Ricardo Montalban(dec)
Harry Morgan
Craig T. Nelson
Wayne Newton
Bob Newhart
Paul Newman(5x8) (dec)
Leslie Nielsen
Oak Ridge Boys
Fess Parker
Conan O'Brien
Donny Osmond
Marie Osmond
Bernadette Peters
Regis and Kathie Lee
Robery Picardo
Markie Post
Tom Poston(dec)
Priscilla Presley
Bonnie Raitt
Tony Randall(dec)
Dan Rather
Buck Owens(dec)
Thurl Ravenscroft(dec)(voice of Tony The tiger)
Robert Redford
The Osbournes(Likely Stamped)
John Kerry
Charlotte Rae
Joyce Randolph
Rob Reiner
Carl Reiner
Debbie Reynolds
Burt Reynolds
Elizabeth Dole
Isabel Sanford (dec)
Joan Rivers
Fred Rogers(dec)
Phil Rizzuto(dec)
Mickey Rooney
Wayne Rogers
Jeri Ryan
Marion Ross
Susan Sarandon
Morley Safer(dec)
Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf
Arnold Schwartzenegger
Sherwood Schwartz(signed pics of Brady cast and Gilligan cast and 1 of himself)
Tom Selleck
Doris Singleton
Sonny Shroyer(5x8)
Grace Slick
Ricky Skaggs
Ann Southern(dec)
Jacquelyn Smith
Donna Wandrey
Tito Santana
Clayton Moore(The Lone Ranger) (dec)
George Hamilton
Tim Russ
Eli Wallach
Robert Stack(dec)
Jean Stapleton
Gale Storm(dec)
Willie Nelson
Patrick Stewart
George Strait
Larry Storch
Judy Tenuta
Pam Tillis(Sent fee,I think $3)
Bobby Thomson
Dave Thomas(Wendy's Founder) (dec)
Alex Trebek
John Travolta
Don Rickles
Tanya Tucker
Sesame Street characters
Travis Tritt
Lea Thompson
Brenda Vaccaro
Joan Van Ark
Dick Van ****
Jesse Ventura(as Gov) (smaller than a 5x8)
Dennis Weaver(dec)
Dawn Wells
Sela Ward
Betty White
Vanna White
John Schneider/Tom Wopat dual signed 8x10(Dukes Of Hazzard)
John Wooden
Sylvester Stallone
Kathryn Leigh Scott(Dark Shadows)
Jeb Bush
Jane Wyatt(dec)
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Bill Clinton(Stamped?)
Elizabeth Taylor(stamped but great picture)
Delta Burke(Pre print)
Nina Hartley
Ron Zook

Whew, that was alot of typing.Lol.I hope it helps.
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Hey Jeff
That is quite a collection you have there. Nice job very well done. Keep up the great work. I might have one for you . It is of James Whitmore Movie Star. Battle Cry, Them. If interested let me know I think I still have it
Hey Andrew, I wrote to all those, took 2 of the lasrge manila envelopes and 2 stamps each, not to mention alot of writing.Lol.The Dixie Carter is the actresss from Designing Women.I do have the TNA Dixie Carter on a card.Lol
Tom, that would be great.