My Dimaggio auto- REAL or FAKE??

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Feb 6, 2008
Got this at my local card show back in December. The guy had 10 or more of these. He said he bought a huge collection from a guy.

All were water damaged. Mine was the one in best condition of them. A little on front corner and some one back.

It was $10 and the guy said if I sent it in for authentication, and it came back fake, he would give me my money back.

I couldn't go wrong on a 10 buck Dimaggio.

Let me know what you guys think. Sorry it took me so long to get pictures up.



It's tough to tell for sure from just a photo like that. I have seen sellers on ebay selling high quality photo copies of photos that were previously autographed. You wouldn't know it until you got the photo and found it to be on the image and not on the photo paper.

It looks similar to a Joe D auto.

Can you see that there is in fact ink on top of the photo and it's not just part of the photo? Usually you can hold an item up to light at an angel and see the ink or indentations if you are unsure.

You can't go wrong with that price if it's real. The damage is not very evident, so it must not be too bad.
I hope you can find that guy to get your money back..The "D" is way off as well as the way it looks overall.It also seems way too small.I hope I'm wrong but I gotta call "BS" on that signature..
Mopar- I can't really tell but it seems to me that it's signed on the picture and not a reprint or picture of an auto.

I did also get a nice framed quad picture of 5x7s I believe in an auction at the show. And there was a guy that purchases from the person that originally owned the quad and said he's the real deal. It is of Joe DiMaggio (this one seems suspicious as Joe d and the rest of signature seem in different markers. Like one ran out or something) and the next is Mickey mantle, then Reggie Jackson, then don mattingly. 4 different pictures. In order from top left to bottom right. It was cheap too like 200 bucks for it and framed nicely. I'll get a picture sometime soon lol.
There is a specific issue with DiMaggio signatures in the hobby as well, as I remember reading somewhere that Joe's sister was a fairly frequent ghost signer for him.

I'd suggest trying a quick opinion service if it matters to you. For $10, you can't lose. If it's fake, it's still a cool photo and regular photos unsigned can run that much alone depending on the pose!
ok here are some real ones. The first one is late 30's/early 40's
The D is way off