My Doubles for Your Doubles


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I have the following team lots available for Detroit Tiger cards in return. There are NO JUNK wax cards (over produced cards from 1988-1994) in these lots. I do not want any junk wax in return. All manufacturers, mostly Topps with a good mixture of Topps brands. 95% from 5-15 years ago. There are no elite superstars in these but most bigger names are. The Tiger lots coming my way do not have to be as many cards coming your way. All reasonable offers will be accepted. Each responsible for our own shipping.

Will sell cheap if you would rather go that way. $0.02 each card for entire lot plus actual shipping.

Great for gifts also. Thank you for looking!!

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i can try to pull tigers from 15 yrs back to present, i need braves. it would take me some time to get to them all though


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Ill trade you for the Mets lot. I should be able to come up with 300 or so. If you post it let me mail first, I'll let you know exactly how many I have.