My evergrowing assorted Tradelist of GU Autos SPs #'D Uncirculated 2003-2014


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Here is my Tradelist. I'm always updating as I get new cards or make trades.
I'll start the list with Uncirculated cards, GU and Autographs then go on to list Inserts, parallels, SPs and whatnot. The later years Will be in post #2.
No trade is Too Small, Please let me know what you need, thanks.
As always I can use Prince fielder's I don't have, these set needs:

Or I can check a bucket or a list for trade bait and I also accept dollar bills. Please let me know what we can workout Thanks

2004 Finest #110 Prior Xfractor GU W/ Stripe /139
'04 Bowman Sterling black refractor GU /16 Bs-MP Prior
'04 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Exchange
191 F Brooks-219 D Gonzalez-309 S Jung
'04 Pristine Refractor Common /999
113 B Brownlie-131 C Jackson
'05 Bowman White Exchange /240
221 A Boeve-234 K Ramsey-272 J Senreis
300 S Tracey

Game Used

'11 American pie Relics APR-25 Butch Patrick (The Munsters)
'00 Invincible Game Gear jsy 0726/1000 Tom Glavine
'01 UD Legends Legendary jerseys Johnson
'01 SP game bat Piece of the action B-TGw Gwynn
'02 Topps tools of trade Ttrr-CE Everett
'03 Bowman Futures game Fg-gg Garcia
'03 Fleer tradition throwback Tt-Tg Glaus
'03 Fleer Genuine long ball threats Green
'03 fleer rookies and greats boyhood idols BI-BR
B Robinson
'03 UD Finite Stars and Stripes USA-j5 Verlander
'04 Bowman Draft BDP154 Futures Valdez
'04 Bowman draft BDP151 Blanco
'04 Finest FR-SS Sosa
'04 Studio game day GD-16 Sosa /300
'04 Studio Game day GD-34 Lowell /225
'04 SP prospects National honors Buck
'04 Pristine Going Going Gone GGG-VG Guerrero
'04 Sweet spot Classic SS-WB1 Boggs W/ Stripe /275
'04 UD Marquee Attractions MA-PW Preston Wilson
'05 Leather and lumber #28 Chipper Jones 2 color Patch #'D /25
'05 UD Reflections FR-RJ Johnson
'05 UD Milestone Materials MM-MT Teixeira
'05 Prime Patches Portraits Dual P-13 Green /150
'05 Zenith ZB-3 R. Henderson
'05 Zenith ZB-16 Piazza
'05 Zenith ZB-62 Wright bat
'05 Sweet spot Majestic Mm-Bs Sheets
'05 Bowman DP BDP147 Herrera
'05 Donruss Throwback CollectionTC-46 R Henderson /500
'05 Turkey red Cabrera trr-mc
'06 Fleer Ultra Fine Fabrics FM-JS Smoltz
'06 Sweet spot beginnings WBC Lazio
'06 Artifacts Nl-ME Ensberg /250
'06 Bowman Sterling BS-MC Cabrera w/stripe
'06 UD Ovation Apparel OA-RH Howard
'06 Bowman Futures game FG-19 Hughes
'07 B Heritage PG-CS Schilling dinged
'07 B Sterling ref BS-MAR /199 Kennedy
'07 UD Game Materials UD-MT Teixeira
'07 UD Masterpieces CC-HS Street
'08 UD Jersey UDJ-MG M Giles
'08 Heroes #195 Triple jersey Blue /50
Schmidt/Banks/F Robinson
'08 Goudey M-BB Butler
'08 Masterpieces CC-MT Teixeira
'08 Topps Relic TR-BW Webb
'08 SP cuts Destined DH-DL Lee
'08 UD National Team USA-PA Alvarez
'08 UD JR. National team Usjr-ts Stovall
'08 APOH Box memories BSM-34 Mauer
'08 Spx Winning Materials wm-SM Smoltz /125
'08 spx winning materials-TH Hoffman /150
'08 A&G Berkman Agr-LB w/stripe
'09 Topps career best JA J Anderson
'09 Sterling WBC BCR-YG Gourriel
'09 Topps ticket to stardom dual GU/ Stub
Tsp2-46 Balentien /228
'09 APOH Box memories BSM-DL Lee
'09 APOH Timeless TM-SK Kazmir /180
'09 Sweet spot swatch SS-RH Halladay
'09 Sweet Spot swatch SS-JB Bay
'09 Spectrum Gold SS-TG Glavine /99
'10 A&G Tulowitzski agr-T
'10 Chicle NCR-EM /199 Murray
'10 UD Game jersey UDGJ-BZ Zito
'10 UD Game Jersey UDGJ-CF Figgins
'10 UD Game Jersey UDGJ-DA Damon
'10 Topps Peak Performance PPR-GSO Soto
'11 Topps 60 T60R-JW Weaver
'11 Topps 60 T60R-NS Swisher W/Stripe
'11 Topps Heritage Clubhouse CCR-FH Hernandez
'11 Gypsy Queen relics Hanson GQR-TH
'12 a&g Kinsler agr-Ik
'12 Topps Archives Relics 56R-BB Billy Butler
'13 Topps chrome update All star stitches-CB Beltran
'13 Topps Chasing History CHR-SR Rolen
'13 A&G AGFR-AE Full size Ethier
'14 Topps Relic TR-DPR David Price-RP Porcello
'14 Donruss 38 Chapman-42 Gardner-48 Rizzo W/Stripe
Tier one Dual Relic /50 DR-JCU Cueto
Tier one Tier one Dual relics /50 TODR-Kipnis
2016 Topps Heritage CCR-JS Schoop

? Royal Rookies Signature series promo /300
#21 Julio Zuleta-30 Mark Harriger
'02 UD Pros/Premier #90 Francis
'03 Donruss The Rookies #56 Brian Stokes /1000
'03 Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum #171 Jeremy Griffiths /250
'03 UD Pros premieres P30 Jake Fox Cubs
'03 Bowman draft BDP167 Ryan Harvey Cubs
'03 Elite Extra Edition TOTC Die cut /100 Gaudin
'04 Pristine Personal endorsements Pea-EH Estee Harris
'04 leaf Cert Materials #266 Gold 25/25 Shawn hill
'04 Finest #119 Merkin Valdez
'04 Bowman Chrome 335 Logan Lending (smudged)-338 Hirsh Refractor
344 Dustin Nippert
'04 Bowman Chrome Draft BDP171 Lambert refractor
'04 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror White #287 Tim Bittner /50
'04 Studio #202 /766 Cedeno-212 Dennis Sarfate /800-210 Mike Rouse /800
'04 Bowman's Best
BB Bobby Brownlie- EH Estee Harris-JE Jesse English-JS Jeff Salazar-KK Kouzmanoff-RG Rudy Guillen-OQ Omar Quintanilla
'04 Leaf Certified cuts
Red #43 Derrek Lee /50
263 Edwardo Sierra /299
Blue #287 Onil Joseph /75
'04 SP Prospects 295 T Diamond /400-355 Prasch /400-402 Kown /400-405 Janish /500-
'04 SP Prospects Draft Duos DD-ER Elbert/Raglani
/175-SL Sowers/Lofgren /175
'04 SP Prospects Bonus Auto ME
'05 Zenith Roll Call RC-13 Geovany Soto
'05 Reflections Justin Leone/ Ryan Howard
David Wright/ Justin Leone
'05 Studio Gold #101 Jeff Salazar /50
'05 Donruss Classics #206 Raul Tablado /1200
'05 Throwback threads #77 Russ Rohlicek /250
'05 Donruss Elite 171 Miguel Negron /1500
172 Mike Morse /1000- 177 Ryan Speier /1000
186 Jared Gothreauxx2 /1500
196 Jason Hammel/1500-200 Jeff Miller /500
'05 Leaf certified Materials #238 Sean Thompson
'05 Finest #145 Shane Costa /970
'06 Artifacts Auto-Facts AF-MA Cain /700
'06 Finest 150 Dan Ortmeier
'06 Finest #152 Garko /399
'06 Bowman Chrome #223 Carmona
'06 Topps chrome #350 Dustin Nippert
'07 Bowman Chrome Refractor 001/500
'07 Topps season highlights HA-AC A Cabrera
'07 Moment's and Milestones RA-MN Mike Napoli
MA-MK Matt Kemp
'07 SP RC #194 Bourn
'08 Masterpieces Captured on canvas GU/auto
CC-BP Brandon Phillips
'08 A Piece Of History Blue /50 J Maxwell ( Well Dinged corner)
'08 Topps chrome #239 Randy Wellsx2
'08 Bowman SOTF SOF-GM Garret Mock
'08 Goudey GG-MB Marlon Byrd
'08 SP Legendary Cuts Generations GEN-RT Ripken Tulowitzki
'08 UD Timeline #115 Pie
'09 Topps Chrome #233 Jaramillo
'09 Topps Unique Solo shot JCU Jack Custx2
'09 Bowman Scout Auto Darrell Conner (Hamels)
'09 SP Authentic BTL-AR Alex Romero /40
'09 Goudey Graphs WL Wade Leblanc
'09 UD Signature stars #206 Matt Tuiasosopo
'11 American Pie APA-2 AJ Hammer
'11 Gypsy Queen GQA-NC Nelson Cruz
'12 Topps chrome #162 Parmelee
'13 Panini Prizm IN Nova-WI Rosario
'13 Topps Chasing the Dream WP Wily Peralta
'13 Topps 2 Chasing History CHA-WP Peralta
'13 Pinnacle Autographs CH- Heisey
'14 Donruss Signatures AB Andrew Brown-DP Dave Parker-BB Barnes-MS Sano
'14 Donruss Elite Dominator #12 On Card Auto David Price 10/10
'14 Panini Prizm Auto #12 Steve Sax
'15 Topps Allstar Auto ASA-AR Anthony Rizzo
'15 Prizm #20 Norichika Aoki Blue /75
'15 Topps Stadium Clu SCA-CF Cliff Floyd

2002 Fleer Showcase #127 Avant Card Ichiro

2003 Honor Roll Freshman Class #154 Wedel Phillies
2004 Topps Cracker Jack upside down back SP #181 Pie

2003 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #1 Loewen Roo/900

Diamond king SPs
155 Palmeiro x2
170 Maris (Sepia)

Bowman Heritage SPs
109 Wells
183 Gonzalez

2005 Bowman Chrome Gold /50 Darren Fenster #168 Royals

2005 Donruss Champions Impressions
54 Strawberry, 119 J. Vazquez, 138 Walker, 215 martinez, 220 Greeny 244 H. Aaron, 259 O Cabrera , 272 Carlton, 326 Botchard, 340 V. Wellsx2, 383 Gosling, 413 Cedeno, 434 Ishii

'05 Champions Impressions Red /250 , 53 Snelling, 78 Mondesi, 126 V. Wells , 314 S. Stewart, 437 D. Lee

'05 Champions Impressions Blue /100 374 Moreno

'05 Champions Impressions Gold /50 393 Steve Stone

'05 Champions Impressions Green /25 24 D. Davis, 402 J. Niemann, 418 Ordonez

'05 Champions Impressions GU
33 Lawrence-110 T. Hall-111 Tankersley-113 Atkins-115 Kapler
119 Vazquez- 170 R Vazquez-279 Hafner-316 Prior /250
280 C. Johnson

2005 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes #220 38/50 Ubaldo Jimenez RC

'05 Bowman Chrome Xfractor #208 Seddon FY /225

'06 Topps Chrome Refractor #52 Teahen-56 Lugo-139 Guzman-141 Capuano-192 Schmidt-203 Vargas-208 Dellucci-239 Lee-262 Matheny

'06 Bowman Chrome Refractor #80 Matsui-179 Tracy

'06 Bowman Chrome Xfractor #BC111 K. Clemens /250 Astros
'06 UD Epic /450 4 L Gonzalez-177 Mussina-207 Peavy-287 Accardo Giants
'06 Topps Finest Green /199 #107 Carpenter

2006 A&G SPs
156 D Lee-295 Leyland

2006 A&G mini A&G Backs
277 Yastrzemski-328 Abe Lincoln-348 Buffalo Bill

2007 UD Masterpieces #22 Ruth-42 Ripken/Gwynn-46 M. Jordan-47 J F Kennedy

'07 Topps Chrome Refractor 3 Renteria-18 Konerko-23 Ethier-32 Overbay-48 Furcal-61 Delgado-80 Wang-97 R Tejada-189 Lilly-210 Davis
'07 Topps Chrome Xfractor 3 Renteria-79 Teahen-104 Tracy-109 Soriano-123 Burnett-131 Utley-165 Glavine-173 Wolf-271 Beltran

'07 Bowman Chrome Refractor #52 Giambi-63 Estrada-115 Zambrano-157 Anderson-174 Lilly
'07 Bowman Chrome refractor BC166 Kaaihue /500 Braves
'07 Bowman Chrome Xfractor BC203 Martinez /250 Nationals
'07 Topps Heritage Chrome THC62 Sweeney /1958
'07 Topps Heritage Black Refractor 43/58 Delmon young RC

Moments and Milestones /150
-47 Griffey Jr. Hit #125 and #158-51 Johnson SO#43,86,155,179,207,233-55 Johnson SO #1,40,56,227,295-67 Zimmerman HIT #9,26,69,83,127-68 Zimmerman RBI#23,29,94-103 Ortiz BB#20-104 Ortiz HR#20-105 Ortiz H#2-109 Mi Cabrera HR#8-110 Mi Cabrera RBI#57 and 86-118 Posada DB#13-157 Cano DBL #15-

M&M Black /29
51 Johnson SO# 222-67 Zimmerman Hit# 44,105-68 Zimmerman RBI#109-103 Ortiz H#41-104 Ortiz HR#35-118 Posada DB#8

Goudey SPs
205 Jackson
221 Weaver
239 Clemens
271 Mauer

Topps Heritage SP #480 Wright

Bowman Heritage SPs
184 Gorzelanny
194 Sowers

2008 Spectrum Green /199 #55 J Santana

2008 UDX Diecuts

4 J Upton-5 Haren-6 Smoltz-15 J. Beckett x2-20 K. Wood x2-25 Dye-26 Quentin-32 V. Martinez-36 G. Atkins-41 Sheffield x2-44 Hermida-45 C. Leei-47 Heroes-50 Kendrick-62 Wright x3-72 Chavez x2
76 Howard-84 Hoffman-97 V. wells x2-99 Zimmerman

2008 UDX Gold Diecuts

1 R. Johnson

2008 UDx Xponential X
BP Phillips, BR Roberts x3, BW Webb, CY C. Young, HO Hoffman
JS Smoltz, MO Ordonez, NS Swisher,PM Pedro Martinez, TE Tejada, VM Martinez

UDx Xponential2 X2
CB Beltan, GS Sizemore, MO Ordonez, PM P martinez, TH Hafner
RB Braun

UDx Xponential3 X3
CU Utley.- MH Holliday

2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History TCHC-29 I Rodriguez-33 Sheffield-39 P Martinez
2008 Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary AS RC ARC2 I Rodriguezx2-3 Piazza

'08 Topps chrome refractor #12 Tejada-27 Guerrero-52 Iguchi-69 Thome-70 Iwamura-119 Maybin-142 Smoltz-144-Young-177 Cabrera

'08 Topps chrome Xfractor 102 Johjima

'08 Topps chrome Blue Refractor #-41 Webb

'08 Topps Chrome Copper Refractor #181 Kemp /599

'08 Topps Heritage chrome C135 Broadway /559
Topps Heritage SP #491 Soriano

UD Masterpieces
101 Ripken Jr.
110 Berra

'08 UD Masterpieces Framed Black
#8 Palmer-31 Helton-85 Carpenter-90 Zimmerman

2008 Goudey SPs
206 Lynn
207 Boggs
221 R Jackson
229 Smithx2
243 Van Buren
243 Johnson
274 Seaver
286 Dawson
290 Janet Evans

Goudey Red back mini
205 Fisk
212 B Jackson
253 Madison
254 Sabathia
287 O'Brien

UD Heroes
Un numberednumbered Retail Charcoal 22 M Ramirez- 30 Pedroia-49 Harang-52 V Martinez-69 Volquez-91 Garciaparra-159 Duncan-165 Crawford
Green /499 #46 Hart-94 Billingsley-117 Posada-153 Hernandez
Grey /399 #94 Billingsley-122 Jackson
Beige /299 #155 Bedard-117 Posada-160 Milder
Blue /199 #94 Billingsley
Brown /149 94 Billingsley-120 Kennedy-166 Kazmir

'08 Bowman Blue /500 #118 M Young
'08 Bowman Prospects Blue /500 BP51 Decker
'08 Bowman Prospects Orange /250 Lisson

Bowman Chrome Refractors
71 Maine-95 Kearns-99 Perez?-112 Lackey-120 Gallardo-125 Anderson-130 Ethier-168 Figgins

2008 Bowman chrome Xfractor /250 183 Loney-201 Patton Orioles
'08 Bowman chrome Prospects Blue refractor /150 BCP65 Barton Cards
'08 Bowman CP Refractor BCP181 Snyder /500 Yanks

2008 A&G SPs

301 Felix Pie x2
304 Victor Hugo x2
305 R. Johnson-310 Bourn-313 Stowe-315 Tom Glavine-316 E Santana-318 Ethier-322 Blalock-325 S Drewx2-326 a Kennedy
331 Castillo-334 Jo-Jo Reyes
335 Hughes-337 Schmidt-344-Diaz x2

'08 UD Gold /99 #727 R Wells

'08 UD Yankee Stadium Legacy
214 Hoyt-2443 Martin-3350 Boyer-3484 Maris-3961 Nettles-3996 Nettles-5614 Wetteland-6105 O'Neill-6138 O'Neill

'08 Stadium Club Retail 1st Day Issue
72 Cano-99 T Williams-132 Fukudome

'08 Stadium Club #137 /999 B Jones

'08 UD APOH RED /149 #108 Broadway White sox-133 Barton A's

'09 UD APOH Blue #144 Pridie /299 Twins
'09 UD APOH Green #124 Marson /150 Phillies

2009 Spectrum Blue
8 Smoltz-40 Berkman-62 Beltran-66 Wang-97 Halladay
2009 A&G SPs

302 Stephen Drew
308 Fausto Carmona x2
309 Kosuke Fukudome
314 Billingsley
324 Wladimir Balentien
333 Nick Swisher
338 Wong
340 Richard Gatling
345 Carlos Delgado
349 Aubrey Huff

2009 A&G Minis
77 Liriano-140 Opstedahl-193 Greene-
262 Ordonez-333 Swisher

A&G back -134 Jer Weaver-173 F Rodriguez

Black back 278 Simpson

'09 Bowman Draft Chrome BDP-25 Valdez Xfractor /199 Braves
'09 Bowman Draft Chrome BDP-51 Purple Refractor Gray A's

2009 Topps Chrome Xfractor
3 Uggla-45 Halladay-48 Kemp-53 Furcal-62 Utley-73 Bedard-91 Mi Cabrera-111 Haren-140 Konerko-141 Johjima

'09 ToppsChrome Refractors
5 Lidge-8 Pence-114 Soriano

2009 Topps Unique /2699 (rcs)
161 Cervelli-160 Parra-170 Outman-172 Perry-175 Reimold-177 Santos
178 Romero-179 Schafer-183 Guzman

2009 Topps Unique Red /1199
9 Dye-26 Cain-38 Carpenter
51 Rowand-61 Tejada-67 R. Zimmermanx2-
71 Burnettx2-72 Beltre-90 Greinke
91 Escobar-96 Pena-106 S. Drew-114 Wells-116 Larochex2-130 Hamels-131 Beckettx2-137 Cueto-155 Greene-192 Saunders

Bronze /99 #12 Carlos Lee- 192 Saunders

Topps Unique Unique Unis UU08 Longoria-15 Halladayx2
Unparalleled Performance UP01 Kinsler-03 R Johnson-16 A Hill-17 Hermida-20 Cueto
Alone At The Top AT01 C Jones-07 J Santana-10 Halladay

Goudey SP #241 Hamels

Goodwin SPs
161 Bloom
162 Scott
183 Curren

Ballpark Collection #39 Thome /699

Sp Authentic FOTG SPs
185 Hernandez
189 Mauer

2009 triple threads /1350
38 Teixeira-52 Cain-86 Sabathia
Bronze /525 #66 Hernandez crease near corner

2009 Goodwin Champions minis
6 C Jones-10 Guerrero-20 Sizemore-39 Bruce
-48 Carter-76 Mauer-126 Tulowitzki
-129 L Hamilton-220 Cook-227 E Santana
-231 Cordero-239 Crawford-

Gypsy Queen Black border 143 Rose (Bulls)

2009 Topps 206 Minis
Piedmont 167 Swisher-231 Sabathia-265 Delgado

Polar bear 180 Cust-239 Soria

Old mill 5 C young

2009 Topps 206 Bronze

65 Glaus-132 C. Lee-180 Cust-196 Hermida-202 V. Wells-206 Kinsler-218 F. Rod-236 Shields-243 M. Tejada

2009 Topps Ticket to stardom Perforated

20 Fukudome-29 Liriano-72 Wood-81 Votto-89 Willingham-106 E Chavez-108 Chamberlain-
109 Sheffield-112 Weeks-117 D Lee-128 Quentin-133 A. Soriano-135 Maine-143 Carlos Lee
144 G. Floyd-151 Lowe-153 Glaus-165 Guerrero-172 Soria-176 Utley-190 Sonnanstine-192 Garland-193 Cano

Ticket To Stardom TTS-2 Snider-5 Kemp-10 Longoria-15 Kawakami
Seasoned Vets SV-9 Braun

'09 Ticket to stardom #218 E. Cabrera /199 Padres
Ticket to stardom Blue/99 14 Rios-73 Fields

Ticket Stub TS-22 Helton /110

'09 UD Starquest Emerald Super Rare SQ-38 Pedroia


Topps 206 SP

Topps 206 Minis
Piedmont 27 Holland-33 J Upton-273 Cano

Caramel 161 Feliz-184 C Jones-270 Romero

Old Mill 291 Murphy
Cycle /99 #69 Wagner-139 Zito
National Chicle SP 316 Stubbs

2010 A&G SPs

301 Gaby Sanchez
306 Brandon Phillips
307 Akinori Iwamura x2
308 Adrian Beltre x2
311 Chone Figgins
314 Ivan Rodriguez
315 Bobby Abreu x2
316 Nate Mclouth
322 Gary Matthews
324 Randy Winn
325 Brett Gardner
326 Aaron Rowand
328 Jered Weaver x2
333 Roy Oswalt
337 Joe Nathan
340 Brad Lidge x2
344 Holland
348 Asdrubal Cabrera
349 Yuniesky Betancourt
350 Alcides Escobar x2

2010 A&G minis
301 G Sanchez

A&G Back 15-Quentin-211 Strange-287 D Brees

2010 Topps 206 Bronze

4 D Ortiz
33 J. Upton
45 Adrian Gonzalez
63 Carmona
92 Ethier
122 cy young
163 Scherzer
175 Haren
189 N. Johnson
198 DeJesus x2
211 Jered Weaver
223 Blanks
238 Jimenez
239 Berkman
243 Escobar
253 Andrus
256 Webb
281 Melky Cabrera

Topps National Chicle
Chicle back #23 Victorino-75 K Morales-118 Jimenez-119 J Lopez-164 Ethier-204 C Gonzalez- 226 Rizzuto

Bazooka back #133 Bailey-141 Anderson-258 Beckham

2010 Topps heritage chrome /1961
CC28 Zack Greinke-77 Hernandez-
90 Tulowitzki

Refractors /561
8 Kemp-58 Weaver-70 Uggla-82 Zimmerman
92 Braun-96 Wright-117 Camo

2010 Topps Finest Refractors /599

5 Sizemore, 33 Webb
63 Branyan, 64 Granderson- 75 Beckettx2, 85 Haren
88 Beltran, 97 Hill, 120 Pierzymski
123 Lannan-126 Walker-139 Hughes
Blue Refractors /299
123 Lannan

2010 Topps Turkey Red TR
2 Tejada, 8 Hanson, 21 Bench, 24 Kershaw-
26 Fowler, 31 Ott-32 Greinke,
33 Halladayx2, 34 Wright, 40 Teixeira, 41 Longoriax2-42 Kinsler, 50 Sandoval, 56 Escobar, 62 Tulowitzki, 72 Oswalt-75 B. Upton, 77 Aparicio-78 Haren-79 Ibanezx2, 86 Butler, 89 Jimenezx2,
94 K. Suzukix2-107 A.Ramirez- 116 Broxtonx2-117 Gomez-122 Sheets- 141 Reesex2

2010 Topps 20/20

#2 Gordon Beckham
4 David Price
13 Andrew McCutchen
14 Ubaldo Jimenez
16 David Wright

2010 Topps Vintage Legends Collection VLC
4 Speaker, 11 Mathewsonx2, 12 J Robinson
14 Ott, 16 Munson, 17 Schmidt, 18 Bench
20 Cobb, 22 Campanellax2, 23 Youngx2, 24 Reesex2, 26 Mize
28 O. Smithx2, 33 Mathewson, 35 Ottx2- 41 Wagnerx2, 44 Reese
45 munson, 47 Foxx, 48 McCovey, 49 Speaker 50 Johnson

2010 Topps Cards your mom threw out (CMT)

5 Aparicio x2-18 R. Jackson-19 Carlton x3
30 Murray-31 Molitor -32 Sandberg-33 Mattingly-36 B. Jackson-38 Sheffield-39 Thomas
-40 C, Jones x2-44 Piazza-48 I Rodriguez
58 Longoria-66 Spahn-67 McCovey x2
78 F Robinson-80 Jackson-81 McCovey-86 Molitor -88 Henderson-89 Carlton-95 Strawberry-
97 Thomas-98 Griffey JR.-101 B Jackson-107 C. Jones
116 Porcello x2 -118 Podres-127 Brock
133 Seaver-136 Garvey-152 Larkin
166 Guerrero-169 Thome/Schmidt

Cards your mom threw out Original backs
B Jackson (87)
Garvey 1970
-145 Brock/Yazstrzemski '80

'10 Topps Gold /2010 #7 Mickey Mantle

2010 UD Gold /99 #45 Reynolds-283 C Wade


Topps Heritage SPs
462 Ordonez
475 Hernandez

Heritage Chrome /1962
C29 Gomes-
Refractor /562 161 A Soriano

2011 A&G Black Mini
77 Furcal

2011 A&G base mini
311 I Stewart, 349 Betancourt

A&G Back mini
29 Cueto, 109 Prado, 130 Cano, 136 Dick Vitale, 138 Garza, 207 Fukudome, 251 Desmond

2011 A&G sps

302 Buck
304 Bumgarner
305 Morneau x3
312 C Ross x3 313 Nunez 315 Werth x2
317 Matusz
318 Wallace
321 Mark Reynolds
323 O Hudson
324 Brown
325 Mike Stanton x2
326 Castro
330 CC. Sabathia x2 332 Hochevar
333 Carlos Lee
335 Heyward
337 Drew Storen x3 338 Berkman
339 Miguel Tejada
341 Nolasco 346 Gardener
347 Thole
349 Betancourt

2011 A&G Hometown Heroes HH
9 Wainwright, 13 Victorinox2, 17 Rolen,
20 Price, 36 Beckhamx2, 42 Wright, 45 Davisx2, 50 Hamiltobn
55 J Upton, 62 ALvarez, 66 Lowe, 67 Jay, 74 Werth, 84 Kemp
94 Wilson, 96 McCann

2011 Bowman Chrome Refractors
11 Victorino-76 Dempster-80 Stubbs-108 Holiday

2011 Bowman Chrome Futures
7 Ranaudo-8 Allie-17 Dominguez x2-20 Sale
Futures Refractor 24 Turner

2011 Bowman Gold
8 Lilly
12 O. Hudson
61 Sabathia
70 J Arencibia
81 A. Rios 95 D haren 102 F Hudson 119 D. Ortiz
128 Leake
157 B Morrow
161 A. Soriano 163 Oswalt 169 J Damon
171 Markakis
180 A. Lind
183 B. Abreu
185 I Kennedy

2011 Topps Diamond Duos

6 Anderson/Cahill
7 Thomas / Dunn
12 Tulowitzski/H Ramirez
20 Bumgarner / Kershawx2
23 Lee / Sabathia
24 Longoria/Zobrist
29 Kemp / Sands
29 Aaron / Heywardx2
BD Braun/Davis x2
BY Boggs / Youkilis
CC Cobb/ Cabrera
HF Heyward / Freemanx2
HHO Hornsby / Holliday x2
HJ Henderson / Jennings x2
HM Hanson / Minor
KL Kershaw / Latos
KT Killebrew/Thome
LZ Longoria / Zimmerman
TR Thomas/ Ramirez
UR Utley / Rollins
US Upton / Stanton
VG Votto / A. Gonzalez

2011 Topps 60 Years of Topps 60yot

2 Campanella
3 M. Irvin x2
7 P. Reese
8 Maris
9 Musialx2
10 Marichal
12 F. robinson x2
17 F. Robinson / B. Robinson
24 Yastrzemski
25 Yount 32 O. Smith 33 Gwynn 36 Eckersley 42 Edmonds 47 B Abreu x2
48 Piazza / I. Rodriguez / Kendall x2
51 Guerrero
56 Tulowitzki
57 Cueto
58 Mauer-90 Garvey-99 Walker

2011 Topps 60 Years of Topps The Lost cards 60YOTLC

1 Musial x3
3 Mantle
5 Musial
10 Musial

2011 Topps Cognac Diamond Anniversary Parallels

246 John Lannan
264 Ryan Perry-374 Nationals-525 Vernon Wells

2011 Topps Update Cognac Diamond Anniversary Parallels

US31 Granderson-101 Downs

2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary Parallels
200 Ichiro-271 Ruth-516 Seaver-
US160 Victor Martinez

2011 Topps Update Series Walmart BlueUS27 Joey Devine
US82 Mark Ellis
US88 Orlando Cabrera
US201 Hisanori Takahashi

Target Red us285 Purcey

2011 Topps Kimball Champions
8 Braun-17 Carpenterx2-25 Guerrero-26 Morneau
27 Markakis-32 Rios-37 Strasburg-41 Sandoval
43 Reesex2-44 Pence-45 Ortiz-46 Ott-59 Gwynn-69 Roberts-
95 Gehrigx2-Gehrigx2

Topps Manufactured Patch M Ramirez TLMP-MR

2011 Lineage Diamond Foils 26 Sizemore, 37 J.Upton, 59 Snider-128 Wells, 154 Jenkins
172 Bautista

2011 Lineage Diamond Sparkle 62 Beltre-65 J Johnson, 128 Wells 133 Greinke,
155- b Gibson-156 A. Jackson, 158 Irvin

2011 Lineage Cloth Sticker TCS32 Cobb

2011 Lineage Rookies 6 Mcgee, 8Kimbrel
16 Conger, 17 Brown,18x2 Arencibia ,19 Luebke

2011 Topps Chrome Vintage Collection VC
8 Ortiz-16 Uggla-22 Ichiro-24 Braun-29 Halladay
30 Bautistax2-33 Tulowitzskix4
37 Hernandez-42 Pedroia

2011 Topps Chrome Refractors ,4 Either,6 Greinke,11 Zimmerman 14 Dunn,136 Cj wilson,145 weeks, 148 D lee,157 pagan

2011 Topps Chrome X-Fractors 39 T Wood, 44x2 Price, 65x2 Bartlett, 70 Cano,81 Latos, 82 Gutierrez ,84 Posada ,87 Helton ,102 Zimmerman ,110 Gonzalez, 113 Werth 119 Ludwick 120 Strasburg ,156 Hamels ,157 Pagan

2011 Topps Chrome Orange Refractors 4 Either,14 Dunn ,30 Mi Cabrera ,36 R Soriano ,38 J Upton,39 T Wood,43 Johnson,45 Howardx2,52x2 Sabathia,58 bay,62 Wilson ,69 young,71 rasmus, 77 DeJesus 78 s Rodriguez ,86 stubbs,89 Sanchez ,95 Maybin,105 Hernandez ,109 romero x2,110 Gonzalez,113 werthx2,123b uptonx3, 127 Bumgarner ,132 Cain,134 Sizemore,145 weeksx2,148 d lee,152 Thole,153 Broxton, 155 Hanson ,156 Hamels,162 Andrusx3, 167 Billingsley ,169 Furcal

Purple refractor /499
24 Kemp-43 Johnson-61 Gallardo-98 Bell

Atomic Refractor /225 #6 GreinkeGreinke

2011 Gypsy Queen Green Border
11 Greinke-48 Maris-74 Seaver

Gypsy Queen Bronze Border
120 Mantle-150 Sabathia-182 Posey-220 Votto-235 Cepeda-269 Stargell

Gypsy Queen variations
71 Kennedy
76 Napoli
84 Freeman
294 R Jackson

Baseball highlight Sketches BH7 Smoltz
Worlds Tallest Buildings WTB1-6-8x2-9x2-10
Historical Turning points HTP2-4-12-14-17

Culinary Curiosities
Kopi Luwak

ML-3 Cromwell
MM-5 Haydn-13 Chopin

A&G Base Minis
57 Pineda-65 Rios-210 Mays-238 A. Jackson
273 G Sanchez-276- Shields

A&G Back Mini
-177 S. Drew

A&G Gold Border Mini
35 Ortiz-105 Arnold Palmer-208 Prado-
217 Wilson- 219 Kennedy, 221 Marmol
227 M. Young-235 V Martinez-245 Haney-280 Belt

A&G Black Border Mini237 Unser Jr.

2012 A&G What's in a Name WIN
3 Howard, 8 Cl Lee-17 Pedroia, 22 Kemp, 26 Cepeda, 30 Pencex2, 31 McCutchen
36 Bautista, 49 Snider, 50 Schmidt, 60 Bruce, 65 Swisher
73 Zimmerman, 92 Goldschmidt, 94 R. Jackson, 95 Griffer Jr.x2

2012 A&G Sps
303 Nova-305 Rosario-306 Howard, 314 Bufferx2,
320 Papelbon/ 316 Gonzalez, 322 Santos
329 Butler, 331 Crawford
332 Bluford-335 A Ramirez, 337 Holliday, 339 Cash 340 Hoganx2-347 Garza-349 Espinosa

12 Bowman
4 Hart-31 Fowler-119 Johnson-123 Helton
143 Ackley-144 S Perez

Blue /500 #10 Cruz

Bowman's best Prospects BB1 Bauer-10 Harvey

Topps 1,2 and update

Golds/2012 142 T wood-199 Dunn, 260 Wilson-380 Murphy
384 Marshall- 401 Jansen, 448 Moseley 463 Cordero, 467 Francisco-474 Maier, 526 C. Wells -543 Johnson, 635 Gardner US60 Jackson- Us230 Nady,

Walmart blue
587 Johnson-
US-34Griffin-84 Thames-91 Papelbon-92 Figgins
159 Sheets

Toys'R us Purple
123 Downs

Gold Sparkles 14 Guzman 23 Luebke, 48 Davis- 171 Uehara 179 Span, 190 Hamels-342 Young-377 Inge-
,445 Santiago, 559 Dickson
584 Barton-586 Matsuzaka-US226 R. Soriano, us230 Nady

Golden Futures GF 8 Chapman x2,
48 Betances-24 Goldschmidt, 25 Kipnis

Timeless Talents TT 1 Molitor/Braun,
9 Smoltz/Kimbrel-11 McCann/Bench, 19 Musial/Berkman

Classic Walkoffs CW 1 Mazeroski, 3 Bench, 6 Teixeira

Golden Greats GG 9 Ryan, 18 Cobb, 37 Clemente-46 Koufax, 55 Aaron, 61 J. Robinson-
69 Pujols-76 Dawson 79 Winfield, 82 carter, 93 Henderson, 94 Musial

Golden Moments GM 5 santana,
6 Bautista-14 Hernandez, 11 E. Martinez, 17 Lee-
26 Rice-22 McCovey, 28 Mauer, 38 Kemp, 44 Thome U10 verlander, U19 Votto, u23 ryan, U29 wright, u31 jackson,U37 Gwynn U48 Bumgarner

Gold Standard GS 6 Schmidt, 12 Kalilne, 19 Dawson x2, 39 F. Robinson, 48 Gehrig

Topps Mini TM 3 Hosmer-13 Werth- 19 Berkman, 20 Longoria, 31 Phillips 44 Tulowitzki, 92 Koufax-
126 j. Robinson, 145 Sale,

A Cut Above ACA 5 braun, 13 Schmidt
22 J. Robinson-25 Tulowitzki

Career Day CD 4 Musial, 9 Bench

Mound Dominance MD 14 Smoltz

Blockbusters BB 8 Cabrera, 12 Seaver 15 Ruth, 21 Halladayx3, 25 A-Rod, 27 C. Gonzalez 29 M. Ramirez x2

Panini Prizm MVP27 Price

2012 bowman chrome
Purple Refractor #133 Bonifacio 015/199
Blue Refractor /250
134 Perez

green refractors 12 Hudson-41 Prado
, 86 teixeira,
87 Swisher-90 me cabrerax2-98 Freeman-104 hosmer, 112 cruz,
143, R. Weeks, 152 bell, 167 Mccann-174 Braun,
194 Moustakas-195 Cain-209 cano

Xfractors 72 Youkilis, 102 Davis, 142 Uggla, 153 ackley
164 Scherzer, 195 Cain

112 cruz, 132 A Ramirez, 144 Cueto
149 beltre 165 Romero,
181 A Gonzalez,192 Kennedy

Franchise. As bgo bautista, jb jones/Bundy x2

2012 Bowman Platinum

Gold #1 Pineda-53 Jennings-63 Uggla
74 Cruz-78 Weaver

Emerald #29 Napoli
Ruby #50 Beckett

Cutting Edge stars
JDM Martinez, MM Moore

Top Prospects TPMB Banuelos

2012 Topps chrome
Base Refractors: 27 Reynolds 31 Zobrist 32 Stanton 33 Hanson (dinged) 56 Napoli x2, 68 Young, 81 blanks 82 Pence 90 Longoria 95 Garza 99 Weeks 108 Swisher x2 109 Youkilis-111 Montero-117 Braunx2- 122 Beachy
126 Haren 131 Avila135 Stubbs 138 VogelSOng 140 Bautista-143 Cano
147 Weeks 202 Davis 207 Aviles 213 Peavyx2

Xfractors: 14 Sabathia 20 Gonzalez 43 Jennings 81 Blanks 105 Lind 109 Youkilis 117 Braun 133 Price 141 Bruce 142 Gallardo 213 Peavy

Orange Refractors: 12 Heyward
20 Gonzalez-22 Choo- 30 Hamilton
31 Zobrist-33 Hanson-36 Hamels-39 Turner- 41 Wright
48 Ca-56 Napoli
59 Shields 63 Johnson 86 Romero
92 Holland-126 Haren 133 Price-148 Cueto-204 Pierzynski

Purple Refractors: 8 Wilson 43 Jennings 57 Cruz 58 Marcum 59 Shields 63 Johnson 82 Pence 118 Zimmerman 124 Perez
139 Sandoval- 146 Ara Ramirezx2-148 Cueto-184 Aoki, 217 Lowe

Sepia refractor 212 Ruiz/75

Dynamic Diecuts DD
EA Andrus-JB Bautista

'12 Topps Finest
Some base
Finest Moments Fm-DF Freese
Refractor #65 Lawrie
Xfractor #69 Sandoval

SP #226 Buhner-236 Davis
Stickers 67s-AG- Gonzalez-WM Mays
3D F Hernandez-Pedroia
Cloth sticker 77c-JB-Bench-JV Verlander-RB Braun
Deckle edge 69DE 7 Mauer-8 B Gibson-13 Mays-
15 J Morgan
Relics 56R-BB Butler Jersey
Gold stamp Reprints #62 Irvin-150 Snider-220 Seaver-380 Stargell
Gold Foil #166 Sabathia

Topps heritage
Stickers #13 Cano
438 Nicasio-474 Zito-495 Shields

Opening day stars ODS-3 Cabrera

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5.00 star(s)

Panini Prizm
Superstar Spotlight SS-3 McCutchen-9 Strasburg-13 Hernandez
Top Prospects TP1 Correa-2 Castellanos-5 Taveras-6 Sano-7 Hamilton-8 Russell-10 Walker
11 D'Arnaudx2
Top Prospects Green Prizm TP10 Walker-tp11 D'Arnaudx2
Band of Brothers Bb-2 Burnett/Mccutchen-3 Gonzalez/Ethier/ Kemp
4 Stanton/Morrison-10 Dunn/Konerko-11 Butler/Hosmer/Shieldsx2-
17- Hernandez/Morsex2-23 Beltre/Kinsler-Darvishx2
Band of Brothers Green BB10 Dunn/Konerko
Fearless F4 Trout - 9 Hernandezx2-11 Stanton-14 Pedroiax2-15 McCann-17 Strasburg-18 M Youngx2-20 Bautistax2
Fearless green prizm F16 Jones
Fearless Blue prizm F11 Stanton

153 Chen-195 Carter-122 Street-148 Scutaro-164 Iwakuma
Blue Prizm14 Pierre-20 Bourn-33 Samardzija-35 Shields-76 Andrus- 77 Price-83 Ackley-90 Sabathia-100 Darvish-125 Heyward-130 Rodriguez-133 Gallardo-145 Dickeyx2-148 Scutaro-182 Ford-187 R Hendersonx2
Red Prizm
76 Andrus
Green Prizm33 Samardzija-92 Santana97 Grilli-147 Headley-153 Chen-180 Berra
Orange Diecut /60 #88 Pence
Red Target Pulsar
-105 Sale
Blue Walmart Pulsar
-8 Freese- 12 R Weeks-14 Pierre-27 Burnett-28 Scherzer-38 Parker-77 Price-94 Crawford-96 Montero-105 Sale-115 Howard-120 Motte-126 Rollins-128 C. Gonzalez-143 Ruggiano-149 Halladay-150 Trumbo-151 Hamilton-154 Asd Cabrerax2-157 Wilson-195 Carter-198 Bo Jackson

USA 2 Mauer-3 Tulowitzki-5 Harvey-6 Dickey-7 Gordonx2-8 Price-9 Weaverx4

Bowman Top100 BTP-37 Almora

Top 5 prospects Mini refractor CC-PP5 Morgan
Risin' thru the ranks refractor Rtr-RS Stephenson
Blue Refractor RC reprint 242 Banks- Stantonx2-Thome
Refractor #109 Shields-195 Headley

GREEN Refractors -99 Harrison-104 Fowler-129 Rizzo-146 Bourn-183 J Montero-187 Castro
-195 Headley
Xfractor 206 Johnson

Topps ChromeRefractors
2 Pence-5 Duda-11 Longoria-53 HollBraunx2-176ie-
75 Cano-
79 Ortiz-90 Revere-103 Utley-110 Hamilton (Dinged)-113 Mcann-120 Kipnis-121 Craig-122 Beltre-142 Wright-147 Sabathia-133 Middlebrooks-
160 Kinsler-169 Pierzynski-181 Desmond-
187 Sale-195 Granderson-202 Shields-206Beltran-215 Brown-218 Beltran-218 B Upton
ORANGE Refractors 14 Rutledge-18 Medlenx2-20 Kemp-
21 C Santanax2-31 Headley-40 Scherzer-60 Niese-69 Zieglerx2-77 Johnson-135 Freeze-140 Gordon163 Braun 165 Howardx2 -168 A Rodriguez-169 Pierzynski-172 Teixeira-175 Kershaw-Kershaw-
185 Youkilis-187 Sale
188 Prado-190 Laroche-212 Zimmerman
XFRACTORS 2 Pence-13 Gallardo-58 As Cabrera
94 Bautista-133 Middlebrooks-160 Kinsler
-163 Braunx2-176 Rosario
PURPLE Refractors 2 Pence-5 Duda-6 Heyward-8 Cain-23 Teheran-53 Holland-54 Lawrie
-58 As Cabrerax2-120 Kipnis-127 Price-142 Wrightx2
-152 A Jones-159 C Johnson-160 Kinslerx2-163 Braun-167 Phillips-
183 Holliday-195 Granderson-197 Stanton-
202 Shields-206 Votto-216 Sandoval
Blue Refractors /199 [/BWilliams-10ebrooks-181 Desmond

Close Connection Diecut CC-BU B. Upton-MH Harvey-MHO Holliday

1972 Refractor 72c-RB Braun-TS Skaggs-YC Cespedesx2

Bowman platinum
Top Prospect TP CS Seager-DV Vogelbach-NA Arenado-JF Fernandez-JP Pederson-Jso Soler-OA Arcia-YP Puig
Diamond in the rough Dir-CE Edwards-MS Snyder
Cutting edge stars CES-JT Teheran-GST Stanton
Gold #17 Howard-20 Kemp-38 Young-40 Strasburg-43 Jones-54 Hamilton-59 Longoria
Ruby #89 Youkilis


Clear Vision single CV58 Willinghamx2
Clear Vision Double CV58 Willingham
Position Powers PP10 Kimbrel
Swing for the Fences SF1 R Jackson-8 At Ramirez
Team 2020 T7 Cespedesx2- T9 Parker-T10 Darvish
Artist proof #12 Hosmer
Awaiting the call AC3 Trammel-5 E Martinez-7 McGriff-9 Morris
Foil? #32 Trumbo-120 Altuve
Essence of the game EG4 C Jones
Slugfest S8 Beltre-15 Laroche
Team Pinnacle TP12 Stanton/Braun
Pinnacle of Success PS7 Jim Johnson

Mini #26 Andrus-35 Harvick-37 Cruz-46 Erasmus
-62 Maroney-68 Teigen-93 Pierzynski-130 Pele-257 M Young-316 Newhouser
330 Henderson
Mini Black Border 280 K. Morales
A&G back Mini 41 Iwakuma-75 Gehrig

NNO (No #) A&G Back Mini Ernie Banks- Matt Harrison

CAP-SD Shang Dynasty- Vikings
Across the years ATY-JW Weaver-MTR Trumbo-SM Miller- SP Perez-CL Lee-TS Skaggs
LG Gehrig-JCano-42ury-YD Darvish
Inquiring minds IM-EP Epicurus-SDB Simone De Beauvour
MM-KN Knights-GD Gladiatorsx2-SM Samurai-SP Spartans
One Little Corner OLC MK Makemake
Sp #302 Mccarthy-311 Lemon-312 Rosario-316 Newhouser-323 Molitor-339 Seager

Reprint Keith Miller #208 1991 Topps

Gold foil /199 #95 R Jackson

SP #229 H. Brooks-241 Lynn

1983 Allstars
DE Evans-DW Winfield-FL Lynn-JB Bench-
TG Gwynn

Tall boy MT
DF Freeze- FW White

1989 All-star RC
GG Gonzalez-MC Cain

4in1 Stickers
69s-BPDS Baylor/Davis/Parker/Strawberry
SKCK Spahn-Koufax-Carlton-Kershaw

1972 Basketball insert 72b-TS Seaver

Dual Fan Favorites DFF-EP Evans/Pedroia

Gold -38 Gonzalez-61 Marte-75 Fister-
96 J Zimmerman-123- Encarnacion-
159 Zobrist-209 Johnson

International 153 Beltran

Emerald Foil 15 Pedroia-35 Verlander-41 D Hudson-58Hellickson-60 Rauch-69 Scutaro NLCS GM7-75 Zito-101 Shaw-132 Vogelsong-144 Bay-153 AL HR LL-
165 Hernandez-178 Maxwell-192 Lopez
-198 Coghlan-203 Ramos-204 Gordon-
218 Zobrist-242 Kemp-255 J Johnson-263 Lilly-277 Ryanx2-283 Sabathia-292 Thornton-304 Drabek-312 Hairston-523 W Rodriguez
US-196 B Pena-255 Getz-303 A Rodriguez-319 Schafer

Toys R Us Purple
234 Burnett

Target Red
60 Rauch-408 Crisp-542 Niemann-610-Beachy
652 Lucroy-654 Barnes

Walmart Blue
8 Braun-9 D Gordon-14 Konerko-39 Feldman-41-D Hudsonx2-57 Lowe-59 Axford-65 Howell-71 K Kendrick-74 Jansen-77 Moseley-80 Zimmerman-93 Kearns-104 Lawrie-106 Stubbs-107 Mauer-108Moralesx2-
115 T Hudson-116 McCannx2-124 Romero-132 Vogelsong-140 Davis-151 Riosx2-152 Contreras-154 Romo-156 Latos
159 Paulino-180 Kotchman-186 Pacheco
-194 AL RBI LL-202 Coast-208 K Suzuki
216 Willinghamx2-220 Dotelx2-221 Bell-233 E Jackson
-238 Zambranox2-256 Bumgarner WS gm2-260 Nlds gm 5 SF-270 Fowler-281 D Hernandez-282 Martin-297 Saunders-304 Drabek-
306 Hairston-318 Kuroda-320 M. Young
Series 2
347 Anderson-353 Norris-358 Alvarez-365 Baxter-
366 E Santana-367 Ruiz-390 Mcdonald-
409 Morrison-432 Iglesias-444 Walden-445 Thatcher-493 Giavotella-497 Myers-
535 Humber-550 Joyce-566 Wilson-607 Carter
US-292 Britton-328 Sogard

Topps mini1 Posey-4 Trout-5 Kennedy
-10 A Gonzalez-13 Castro-16 Vottox2-18 Santana-22 Either-24 Stanton-26 Braun
-28 A. Rodriguezx2-29 Sabathiax3-31 Teixeira33 Leex3-38 Beltre-40 Rasmus-44 N Ryan-46 Rice
Series 2 nson-64 Price
68 Cain-72 Phillips-76 Altuve-
80 Bench-81 David-85 M Williams-86 Brett-93 Cano-
94 Ortiz-96 Heyward-98 Banks
UPDATE 4 B. Jackson-12 Mccutchenx2-14 Tulowitzki-16 J Robinsonx2-
20 Wright-23 Jones-36 Hernandez-46 Brett-50 Machado

Calling card cc2 Phillipsx2-9 Dickey
11 R Jacksonx3-12 Youkilis-13 Chapman-15 Pujols

Chasing History CH5 Berrax2-6 Carew-7 Santana
8 Henderson-13 Mattinglyx3-14 Brock-
15 Maysx2-16 Berkman-17 Dickey-
19 Killebrewx2-20 R Jackson-22 Kempx2-25 Thomas-29 Musialx3-
32 Wilson-33 Williams-36 Wood-39 Thome
40 Schmidt-47 Mays-48 Konerkox2-50 Koufax
Series 2 51 Kipnis-53 Weaver-62 Mccoveyx2-76 Gwynn-81 Lee-
-85 Lincecum-89 Strawberry-105 C Santana
110 T Williams x3-113 Smith-118 Mussina-
126 Mccutchenx2-130 J Robinson-135 Saberhagen-137 Boggs-145 Palmerx2-147 Feller

Chasing history GU CHR-SR Rolen

Chasing Historty Auto CHA-WP Wily Peralta

Chasing history gold foil
19 Killebrew-29 Musial-34 Yount

Chasing History foil CH 1 Halladay
2 Clemente-4 Ripken-5 Berrax2-
7 C Santanax2-8 Henderson-10 Gehrig-11 Ruth-12 Longoria-19 Killebrew-23 Brettx2-25 Thomas-
26 Jones-27 Ryanx2-36 Wood-28 Gwynn
-29 Musialx2-30 Dunnx2-34 Yountx2
38 Seaver-40 Schmidt-43 Sabathia-44 Buehrle-45 Fellerx2
-48 Konerko
Series 2 61 Pricex2-
62 McCovey-65 Carter-66 Gonzalezx2-68 Smoltz-70 M Cabrera
73 Canox2-75 Pedroia-80 Darvish-87 Lynnx2-97 Tulowitzki
#140 Myers

Cut to The Chase
6 Gonzalez-9 T Williams-10 Jones-11 Darvish-19 Schmidt-34 Banks
Making their Mark MM-6 Davis-13 Moore
14 L. Lynn-20 Bundy-
25 Strasburg-28 Franklin-33 Marte-34 Arenado-
38 Puig-41 Miller-42 Myersx2-47 Cingrani-50 Corbinx2

Chase it Down CD-12 Gonzalezx2-15 Stanton

Chasing the dream CD2 Trout-4 Bauer-
6 Rizzox2-7 Montero-8 Reddickx2-9 Mesoracox2-11 Turner-12 Kellyx2-13 Hutchison-15 Niese-17 Reedx2
-20 Milone-21-Parkerx3-22 Smylyx3-23 Altuve
-24 Lawriex2-25 Moustakasx2

Chasing the Dream Auto
CDA-WP Wily Peralta

Postseason Heroes Ph-2 Posey-6 Koufax-11 Posey-12 Sanders-14 Halladay-15 Longoria-16 Ryan-18 Saberhagen
19 Palmer

Chrome Postseason Heroes
PH-1 Freese-6 Koufax-10 Gibsonx2-12 Sanders-14 HalladaY-15 Longoria-16 N Ryan-17 Cabrera

Franchise Forerunners
FF-1 Ryu/Koufax-4 Cole/Mccutchenx2-
5 Myers/Longoria-6 Miller/Gibsonx2
9 Cespedes/ Hendersonx3

Black Border/62
228 A. Gonzalez slight chipping

PINK #464 Jimenez /50
Us82 B Petersen

Camo border /99 180 Kotchman
US238 Young Jr
Out of bounds variation
-70 Frazier

WBC 3 Votto-8 Morneau

2013 Topps Opening day
Play hard
7 Pedroia-9 Castro-14 Wright-20 Molina-24 A-rod

Superstar Celebrations
8 Zimmermanx3-15 Hernandez-25 Ortiz

Ballpark fun 2 Reddick-14 Werth-22 Price

Opening Day Stars
9 Mauer-14 Hernandez-16 Dickey-21 Votto

Blue /2013
19 Votto-106 Bauer-125 Colon-152 Wilson

2013 Topps Heritage

New age performers km Medlen

Walmart blue 100 Cano-433 Adam Jones

Memorable Moments -Js Santana

Gypsy Queen

Framed White
3Beltrex2-86 Rivera-95 Bourn-
141 Gordon-
148 Frazier-163- Clark-168 Stargellx2
-193 Headleyx2-196 Infantex3-205 Bruce
-214 J Weeks-253 Milone-276 Stanton-296- Hughes-292 Desmond-313- M. Montero-328 Span
341 Barney

Sliding stars
AJ Jackson-BH- Harper-CG Gonzalez-DJ Jeter-JM Morganx2
-LB Brock-

Dealing Aces
FH-Hernandez-GG- Gonzalezx2
MB Bumgarner-RH Halladay-YD Darvish

Glove stories
BH Harperx2- CC Crisp-JW Werth-MT Troutx2
RB Bernadina-TS Snider

CH Hunter-MC Cain-JA- Abbott-RH Halladayx3

Collisions at the Plate
JB-Bench-GC Carter-SP Perezx2-

-181 Swisher-
189 Cliff Lee-202 Gossagex2-267 Wilhelm-302 Boudreau-350 Berra

8 Dawson-12 Chapman-34 Freese-
43 Slaughter-58 Segura-75 Marichal-77 J Upton-81 Doby (Dinged)-84 Bumgarner-88 Trumbo-93 Moore-95 Bourn(Nice ding)-97 Tulowitzki-120 Ripken JR.-125 Yount-128 Bernadina-129 Halladay-
139-Marcum-142 Castro
-166 A.Jackson(dinged)-212 Youkilis-213 Ferrell-
216 Rasmus-221 Kipnis-229 J Johnson-
235 Zobristx2-243 Lawrie-249 Haren-250 Aaron-
258 Matthews-262 Iwakuma-269 Revere-
272 Gose-282 Morse-303 Butler-323 Vogelsong-
329 Choo-333 Ellis-347

2014 ToppsGold /2014 16-Cueto-136 Middlebrooks-169 Franklin-170 Miley-245 Detwiler-303-Torres-343 Freiman-365 Uggla-476 LeMahieu

Target Red #247 Gose

Walmart blue 5 Lynn-6 Beckett-9 Ackley-16 Cueto-30 Buehrle-62 Kelly-64 Venable-76 Aviles-89 J Cosart-92 M Perez-94-Moreland-99 ME Cabrera-112 Hunter-122 Papelbon-127 Petit-128 E Ramirez-129 Alonso-141 Tillman-142 Greinke-143 Goldschmidt/Bruce/Freeman-170 Miley-174 Parnell-176 Cobbx2-180 Revere-182 Ruiz-183 Barneyx2-191 C Perez-193 Nolasco-201 Rios-202 Hellickson-205 Smith-208 Viciedo-212 Heywardx2-233 R. Soriano-237 NL AVG LL-240 Frieri-244 Farquhar-251 Romo-255 Butler-261 Brantley-262 Keppinger-263 Fister-271 Ruggiano-280 E Cabrera-286 Fields-288 Teheran-291 Mcarthy-292 Hill-300 Darvish-301 Victorinox2-302 Gomezx2-312 Rollinsx2-315 Quintana-324 Andrus-328 Loney-329 Holliday-347 Cain-417 Headley-458 Pestanox2-466 Dempster-468 Rosario-489 Price-521Rendon-540 I Davisx2-601 Hammel-611Corbin-622 Fowler

Green Border #25 Tulowitzki-58 Straily-82 Martin-94 Moreland-98 Encarnacion-180 Revere-208 Viciedo-210 Altuve-214 Shields-221 Dozier-236 Joel Peralta-283 Simmons-293 Zunino-294 NL Wins LL-315 Quintana-324 Andrus-342 Miller-380 Chatwood-389 Soto-479 Nova-595 Pierzynski-627 Arencibia-646 Haren

Yellow Border
61 Markakis-111 Ellis-152 Herrera-223 Benoit-224 Saunders-268 Kelly-271 Ruggiano

Red Hot Foil #3 Dyson-33 Harveyx2-105 Howard-116 Kurodax2-118 Desmond-160 Rondon-239 Samardzija-251 Romo-234 Stults-282 Brothers-291 Mcarthy-359 S RodriqueZ-425 Kimbrel-590 Cecil

SP Variation #250 Miguel Cabrera

Upper Class UC3 Darvish-5 Harvey-6 Kimbrelx2-
11 Freesex2-13 Strasburg-14 Bumgarner-16 Vottox5-18 Braun-24 Verlanderx2-25 Weaver-27 Cano-33 Johnson-42 Rice-49 Kaline

Super VerteranSV2 Cabrerax2-9 Zitox2

The Future is now FN3 Miller-9 Segura-12 Wheelerx3-13 Cespedesx2-14 Cespedesx4-15 Ryux2-18 Myersx2-19 Trout-22 Fernandez-
23 Machado-26 Puig-27 Darvish-28 Darvishx2-29-Harper-30 Harper-34 Hamilton-37 Wong-43 Walker-46 Gray-47 Gray-53 Freeman-54 Freeman

50 Years of the Draft 50yd-3 Price-6 Hamiltonx2

SST-10 Longoria-25 Hernandez

1989 Mini TM4- Gwynn-21
Williams-24 Smith-41 Verlander-43 Mauer-48 Darvish-60 Miller
-69 Stanton-98 Sandberg

All Rc Cup teamRCT1 Seaver-3 Morgan-
6 Ricex2-10 Sabathia-

Breakout Moments BM-3 McGwire-4 Gwynnx2

MLB 2014 The Show $4.99 Universal In-game Currency Code

Topps Relic
Tr-DPR Price- RP Porcello

2014 Donruss
Press proof Silver /199 #65 Votto-178 Pierzynski-185 Helton-199 Brett-214 Trumbo-264 Freeman-296 J Casto-312 K Davis
Press Proof Gold /99 #80 Napoli-298 Aoki
Career Stat line #10 McCutchen /400-18 Stanton 300/400-55 Cuddyer /300-58 Johnson /289-63 Dunn /400-68 Wright/222-181 Ortiz 111/400-261 Miley /354 (Dinged)
Season stat line #58 Johnson /321-98 Kipnis /160
136 Peralta /303-178 Pierzynski /70-182 Marte /41
-222 Lee /119

Game gear 48 Rizzo W/Stripe
Bat Kings 14 Devin Mesoraco
Signatures BB- Barnes-DP- Dave Parker
Elite Dominator #12 Price oncard Auto #'D 10/10

2014 Topps Heritage
Then and Now tan-MS Marichal/Scherzer
News Flashback NF-ALx2 Leonov-mx Malcolm X
New Age Performers NAP-CGO Gonzalez-HR Ryux2
Walmart Blue #160 McCutchen-275 Teheran
Chrome /999 THC487 Tulowitzki
Chrome Refractor /565 THC260 Greinke
Base Short Prints #470 Strasburg-475 C Davis

Gypsy Queen
Minis #68 Rodney-201 Revere-210 Bailey-276 Snider
Black mini /199 #107 Encarnacion-170 R. Johnson
SPs 331 E Davis
Blue border/499 #22 Castro-175 Ripken Jr.
N174-BR Ruth-
Glove stories GS-YP2
Dealing aces DA-FH Hernandez-MB Bumgarner-SS Strasburg

2014 Bowman
Ice?? #52 Cingrani-138 Miley
International #14 Marte-154 Prado
Top 5 BM-A5 Yarbrough-CI3 Naquin-CL3 Naquin-CR01 Gray-NYM2 D'arnaud-SDP3 Liriano
Top 5 /250 Blue Wave? BM-A4 Green

Bowman Platinum
Arm Strength? TDC-RMC R McGuire
Ruby #70 J. Upton
Sapphire #8 Longoria
Top Prospects TP-AB Bradley-MS Sano-MT Tanaka
5-Tool Player 5tDC-GP Polanco

Allen & Ginter
Mini #15 Williams-58 Skaggs-65 McGriff-102 Frazier-116 Gardner-129 Aaron-163 Molitor-172 Simmons-173 Fernandez-197 Miley-229 Teheran-236 Martinez-248 Teixeira-294 Freese-304 Cain-312 Mussina-326 Olt-331 Granderson-332 V Martinez

A&G Martinez #18 Sandberg-65 McGriff-107 Middlebrooks-109 Chacin-115 Pedroia-126 Stargell-194 Garcia-280 Ford-332 V Martinez

Black border mini #24 Posada-45 Garciaparra-180 Riess-247 Williams

Topps Tier one
Dual Relic /50 DR-JCU Cueto
Tier one Dual relics /50 TODR-Kipnis

Topps Chrome
Close Connection CC-AM McCutchen-CG Gonzalez
Refractor #97 Desmond-102 Moore-103 Fernandez-157 -Cuddyer-159 Hosmer-187 Andrus-216 Arenado
Xfractor #9 Granderson-13 Segura-68 Butler-148 A Garcia-171 Simmons
Orange refractor #9 Granderson-18 Kluber-28 Votto-63 Price-89 Iwakuma-103 Fernandez-148 Garcia-171 Simmons-183 Moss-192 Crawford

2014 Prizm
#203 Myers ROY
Diamond Dominance #3 Mi Cabrera
USA Baseball #1 Scherzer-4 Longoria-8 Konerko
Chasing the Hall #9 Dunn-12 Beltran
Chasing the Hall Prizm #9 Dunnx2
Next ERA #9 Syndergaard
Rookie Reign #13 Tanaka
Intuition #17 Greinke-20 J Zimmerman
Prizm#54 Gonzalez-100 DeLa Rosa-102 Lester-124 Napoli-137 Freeman--169 O.Smith- 201 Mi Cabrera

Camo Prizm#- 11 Moore-16 R Zimmerman-26 Darvish-32 Medlen-39 Profar-41 E Cabrera-54 A Gonzalez-68 Encarnacion-73 Price-75 Utley-89 Zobrist-98 Bautista-113 Altuve-119 Gyorko-121 C Johnson-122 Kipnis-127Shields-130 Carter-135 G Holland-164 Chipper Jones

Red/White/Blue Pulsar Prizm 5 Mi Cabrera-50 Pradox2-55 Morneau-112 Cl Lee-121 C Johnson-150 Tehran-163 Mattingly-169 O. Smith-
Blue Mojo Prizm? /75 #57 Cain
Purple Mojo Prizm? 99/99 #137 Freeman
Auto #12 Steve Sax


Season stat line #134 Lester 201/246
Career Stat line #58 Chis Tillman 114/400-102 Matt Shoemaker /294
Press Proof Silver #195 Ernie Banks 019/199

Topps Foil #44 G Gonzalez-67 Pence-109 Fister-201 La Stella-257 Saltalamacchia-364 Ishikawa-383 D Young-433 Masterson-444 Chisenhall HL-465 Mariners-494 J Jones-501 Venable-512 Bruce-537 Souza Jr.-557 Markakis-587 Descalso-662 Ruf US368 Chapman

Topps Gold #66 Worley-245 Colvin-391 H Iwakauma-428 Niese-481 Galvis-512 Bruce-553 Sizemore-564 J Quintana
US183 Ju Turner-US210 Yunel Escobar

Topps Pink #134 Brett Lawrie 02/50-
485 D Hudson 20/50 (Chipped/Dinged)

Topps Original Stamped Buyback 1978 Topps #53 Phil Garner

Topps baseball Royalty BR-25 Smoltz

Topps Stadium Club
T-1A Price-1C V. Martinez-5C Yelich-7A McCutchen-8A Hosmer
Black 64 B. Gardner-66 S. Smith-94 W. Chen-130 Olerud- 160 Andrus- 162 Kimbrel- 237 Moustakas
Gold 1 F. Valenzuela-44 Frazier- 66 S. Smith-166 Kinslerx2-181 A Escobar-189 Familia-208 Tanaka-214 Crawford-262 Gonzalez-286 Ross
Legends LDC-03 J. Robinson-09 Clemensx2
Contact Sheet CS-2 McCutchen-8 Longoria-12 Machado-14 Goldschmidt-20 Gomez
True Colors TCA-MB Bumgarner-TS Seaver-YD Darvish
True Colors Refractor TCA-WM Willie Mays

2015 Bowman
Green #73 Adrian Gonzalez 38/99
Bowman Scout Updates BSU-YT Yasmany Tomas
Series Next SN-TW Taijuan Walker
Mini PP-24 Henry Owens
Top 100 BTP 80 Crick-88 Adames
Farms Finest Minis FFM-AJ Judge-BB Buxton-KZ Ziomek-RC Castillo

2015 Prizm
Prizms #84 J Rollins-89 J Lester-112 Harvey-137 Choo-156 Pedro Martinez-173 K Vargas-182 Darvish
/199 Camo 76 Ryu-98 Teheran-153 Greinke
/149 B/W Checker #99 Lake-153 Greinke
/125 Red Checker #168 Tony Gwynn 094/125
Diamond Marshalls Die-cuts
#5 G Stanton-8 Pujols-11 Wainwright-15 Cal Ripken Jr.-19 Clemens
#3 Panik-4 Pedroia-6 Tulowitzski-8 Eaton-14 Hardy
18u USA #5 Butler
Fresh Faces #13 Rondon

2015 Topps
Gold /2015 #37 Alcantara-#178 Yelich
US203 Hahn US327 R Webb

Heart of the Order HOR-3 H Aaronx2-4 Griffey Jr-6 Puig-8 Carterx2-9 C. Jones-10 Stantonx2-11
Gwynnx2-14 Howard-16 Bagwell-17 E Martinez

Eclipsing History EH-1 Henderson/Block-3 Ryan/Koufax-4 Vizquel/Smith-8 Garciaparra/Ricex2
7 Trout/Carewx2-9 Jeter/Gehrigx2-10 Wright/Strawberry

Walmart Exclusive 2632 Cal Ripken Jr. 2632-1x2-2-3-5x2-8

Pride and Perseverance parallel pp2- C Pride-8 Lester-update 456 Gordon

Presidential Chronicles President Jimmy Carter

2015 Topps Chrome
Refractors #28 Hechavarria-35 Kemp-40 Singleton-75 Shoemaker-93 Kinsler-138 A Gonzalez-152 Archer-188 Seager
Prizm Refractors #25 Yadier Molina-139 S. Castro-169 S Perez-187 Darvish
Sepia Refractors #60 Hosmer-110 N Cruz-165 Odor-172 Pedroia
Pink Refractors #9 Simmons-32 Schoop-178 E Longoria-188 K. Seager-196 Gausman
Purple Refractor #106 Goldschmidt 098/250
Blue Refractor #105 Freeman 073/150
Chrome Commencement COM-5 K Wong
Future Stars FSC-10 Ranaudo-12 C Walker-15 Foltynewicz-20 Tuivailala

#190 Strasburg 21st Century Green 099/199
AS Salute #9 Cano
Collegiate Elite R Jackson #3
Elite Stature #5 Wright


Minis #11 H. Ramirez-15 Frazier-17 Cobb-19 Darvish-25 Carpenter-36 Sutton-38 Kemp-55 Cano-58 Gallardo-70 Laroche-76 G Gonzalez-81 Donaldson-92 Harvey (white corner)-111 A Gonzalez-113 Biggio-127 D Gordon-133 E banks-140 Teixeira-145 D Sanders-175 Hamels-187 Bogaerts-217 Jennings-218 Peavy-225 Ax Ramirez-230 Kendrick-236 Mcgee-244 Aoki-247 C Carter-254 Miller-285 Mejia-286 K Giles (white Corner)-350 Bumgarner

Silver Mini #101 Duda 12/199
Red Mini #273 Craig #'D 49/50

Pearl White Border 8 Canseco-15 Frazier-16 Goldschmidt-17 T Cobb-26 Freeman-34 McCutchen-39 Gehrig-58 Gallardo-67 Hosmer-95 Kluber-202 Lagares-233 Colon-245 Simmons

The Queen Throwbacks QT-6 Shields
Glove Stories GS-7 Revere
Walk Off Winners WOW19 Ishikawa

2015 Allen and Ginter
#13 Uehara-22 Rosenthal-35 Goldschmidt-40 Hardy-58 Degrom-77 Hammel-101 Strasburg-104 Gregorius-114 McCann-122 Hahn-139 Sale-153 Moss-159 Mesoraco-168 Buchholz-179 C Davis-195 Hunter-201 Joe Buck-222 G Polanco-217 Miley-237 Ryu-285 Ichiro-288 Cano-295 Nathan-305 C Carter-318 Price-327 Maurox2-343 Pagan

A&G Back Minis
#7 Hosmer-14 Hawkins-42 Scherzer-78 C Gonzalez-96 T Hudson-135 Teixeira-157 J Reyes-159 Mesoraco-170 C Davis-199 Greinke-310 Coghlan

Black Border Minis
#7 Hosmer-38 Longoria-110 V Martinez-173 Posey-272 Perkins-282 Hechavarria-287 Lester

First Ladies Minis
First-1 Eleanor Roosevelt-13 Jane Pierce-22 Ida Mckinley-28 Grace Coolidge-31 Mamie Eisenhower-32 Jacqueline Kennedy

Topps Heritage Mini #374 Joe Mauer 003/100
Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor THC-220 Matt Duffy
News Flashbacks NF-CG Guevara
Clubhouse Collection GU Jonathan Schoop CCS-JS
New age performers CA- Archer- MME-Melancon-NS Syndergaard
Then and Now TAN-CC Clemente-Cabrera

2016 Topps

Foil #145 Niese-174 Weaver-269 Stanton

Golds /2016 #5 Seager-101 Turner-110 Jd Martinez-121 Osuna-165 Eaton-208 Suzuki-308 Dozier

The Greatest Streaks
GS-02 Griffey Jr-03 Greinkex3-04 Ichiro-05 Ruthx2-06 Sale-07 Seaver-10 Gehrigx2

MLB Debut
MLBD-3 Bryant-6 Castro-7 Cespedesx2-14 Gooden-16 Heyward-27 Pujols-29 Robinson-33 Ryan-38 Valenzuela
MLB Debut Gold
MLBD-14 Gooden-15 Harvey-22 Mays

P-8 Tulowitzki-12 Ortiz-13 Ichiro-14 J. Uptonx2-17 Longoria-20 Howard-22 Johnson-24 Ryanx2

B2B-4 Martinez/Griffey Jr.-5 Votto/Phillips-6 Pederson/Gonzalez-7 Biggio/Bagwell-9 Schoendienst-12 Ruth/Gehrig

100 Years of Wrigley
WRIG-1 Bryant-Prior-9 Gossage-22 Palmeiro-25 Schwarber

Pressed Into Service
PIS-3 Canseco-5 O'neil-6 Musial-8 Jones-9 Ichiro

Walk Off Wins
WOW-1 L Gonzalez-2 Ortiz-3 Longoria-5 Freesex2-10 Abreu-
Berger's Best BB
BB-6 Williams-8 Clemente-29 R Henderson-41 Ripken Jr.-44 Larkin-53 Molina-54 Verlanderx2-56Matsuzaka-58 Price-

1982 D82-25 Altuve-42 Puckett-46 Rose
#54 Cruz Press Proof 128/199
USA Collegiate National Team USA-12 A.J. Puk

#91 Keuchel Season Stat line 143/293

Diamond Kings

Mini #32 Goose Goslin
Artist Proof #23 Cobb
Framed Bronze #56 McCutchen
Memorable Feats MF5 Wagner
Aficionado A10 Arenado
Expressionist E9 McCutchen-11 Ortiz

Like I said no trade is Too Small, thanks for looking.
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I could use these. I can send you my trade lists later tonight when I get home.


All 2013
Prizm USA #3 Tulowitzki
Topps Chrome Purple #177 Moustakas, #214 Hosmer
Topps '72 Mini #88 Bautista
Topps Opening Day 3D Stars #7 Longoria


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I could use these. I can send you my trade lists later tonight when I get home.


All 2013
Prizm USA #3 Tulowitzki
Topps Chrome Purple #177 Moustakas, #214 Hosmer
Topps '72 Mini #88 Bautista
Topps Opening Day 3D Stars #7 Longoria

Here are my trade lists. Have a great night!


Current -
Retired -


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I liked these:
Merrick Colorized state Quarter Maddux
'08 YSL Rivera #6506 and 6704
'12 Topps Dynamic Diecuts Bautista DD-JB
'12 A&G Mini Gold Border Ortiz #35
'13 Topps Emerald #15 Pedroia
'06 Topps OD Red #25 C. Jones

Please let me know what we can work out, thanks.


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I liked these:
Merrick Colorized state Quarter Maddux
'08 YSL Rivera #6506 and 6704
'12 Topps Dynamic Diecuts Bautista DD-JB
'12 A&G Mini Gold Border Ortiz #35
'13 Topps Emerald #15 Pedroia
'06 Topps OD Red #25 C. Jones

Please let me know what we can work out, thanks.

I literally just traded the Chipper this morning, but that is the only one I don't have for you. We can do the trade straight up if you think that's fair. If so, go ahead and post. If not, I'm open for suggestions.



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I literally just traded the Chipper this morning, but that is the only one I don't have for you. We can do the trade straight up if you think that's fair. If so, go ahead and post. If not, I'm open for suggestions.


Merrick Colorized state Quarter Maddux ?
'08 YSL Rivera #6506 and 6704 $6 total
'12 Topps Dynamic Diecuts Bautista DD-JB 2.5
'12 A&G Mini Gold Border Ortiz #35 1.44
'13 Topps Emerald #15 Pedroia 3.75

Prizm USA #3 Tulowitzki
Topps Chrome Purple #177 Moustakas, #214 Hosmer $3 total? (the Beckett I'm using right now doesnt have Topps Chrome Or Prizm
Topps '72 Mini #88 Bautista $1
Topps Opening Day 3D Stars #7 Longoria 1.25

Looks like the proposed trade will be well in my favor. Please post up something fairish If you'd like. Or I can post something.


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Im interested in the
'08 Heroes #195 Triple jersey Blue /50 Schmidt/Banks/F Robinson
'06 Bowman Sterling BS-MC Cabrera w/stripe
11 Topps Lineage mini GU 75r-MCA M Cabrera
and as always any griffey jr you may have ft.
You can check my bucket and see if anything catches your eye.


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Merrick Colorized state Quarter Maddux ?
'08 YSL Rivera #6506 and 6704 $6 total
'12 Topps Dynamic Diecuts Bautista DD-JB 2.5
'12 A&G Mini Gold Border Ortiz #35 1.44
'13 Topps Emerald #15 Pedroia 3.75

Prizm USA #3 Tulowitzki
Topps Chrome Purple #177 Moustakas, #214 Hosmer $3 total? (the Beckett I'm using right now doesnt have Topps Chrome Or Prizm
Topps '72 Mini #88 Bautista $1
Topps Opening Day 3D Stars #7 Longoria 1.25

Looks like the proposed trade will be well in my favor. Please post up something fairish If you'd like. Or I can post something.

I found some more to try to make it even. I've listed them in order of importance because I don't have a current book either. Whatever makes it even though, I can use it.

2012 Topps Chrome Purple Chris Davis
2011 Topps Chrome Vintage Mike Stanton
2011 Topps A&G Relic Aaron Hill
2014 Topps Green Goldschmidt/Bruce/Freeman
2008 UD Heroes Brown Dan Uggla
2009 Topps Unique Red Jhoulys Chacin
2009 Topps Unique Red Brad Hawpe
2009 Topps Unique Jhoulys Chacin
2010 Topps A&G SP Carlos Gonzalez


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I found some more to try to make it even. I've listed them in order of importance because I don't have a current book either. Whatever makes it even though, I can use it.

2012 Topps Chrome Purple Chris Davis $3
2011 Topps Chrome Vintage Mike Stanton $2
2011 Topps A&G Relic Aaron Hill $8
2014 Topps Green Goldschmidt/Bruce/Freeman
2008 UD Heroes Brown Dan Uggla
2009 Topps Unique Red Jhoulys Chacin
2009 Topps Unique Red Brad Hawpe
2009 Topps Unique Jhoulys Chacin
2010 Topps A&G SP Carlos Gonzalez
How about this trade?

Merrick Colorized state Quarter Maddux $?
'08 YSL Rivera #6506 and 6704 $6 total
'12 Topps Dynamic Diecuts Bautista DD-JB 2.5
'12 A&G Mini Gold Border Ortiz #35 1.44
'13 Topps Emerald #15 Pedroia 3.75

Prizm USA #3 Tulowitzki 1.50
Topps Chrome Purple #177 Moustakas, #214 Hosmer $6 Total
Topps '72 Mini #88 Bautista $1
Topps Opening Day 3D Stars #7 Longoria 1.25
2012 Topps Chrome Purple Chris Davis $3
2011 Topps Chrome Vintage Mike Stanton $2
2011 Topps A&G Relic Aaron Hill $8


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Mike Trout
Craig Kimbrel
Justin Upton
Manny Machado
David Ortiz
Clay Buchholz
Dustin Pedroia
Anthony Rizzo
Chris Sale
Justin Masterson
Jason Kipnis
Carols Gonzalez
Justin Verlander
Prince Fielder
Jason Castro
Jose Altuve
Salvador Perez
Zack Greinke
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Yasiel Puig
Jean Segura
Ryan Braun
Joe Mauer
Matt Harvey
Robnson Cano
Mariano Rivera
Derek Jeter
Andy Pettitte
Bartolo Colon
Jason Grilli
Andrew McCutchen
Gerrit Cole
Buster Posey
Marco Scutaro
Hisashi Iwakuma
Yadier Molina
Allen Craig
Yu Darvish
Ian Kinsler
Jurickson Profar
Edwin Encarnacion
Stephen Strasburg

For trade
Base white
Pedro Alvarez x2
Adrian Beltre
Xander Bogaerts
Dominic Brown
Madison Bumgarner
Miguel Cabrera x2
Matt Carpenter
Aroldis Chapman x2
Chris Davis
Jacoby Ellsbury
Jose Fernandez
Evan Gattis
Paul Goldschmidt x2
Adrian Gonzalez
Alex Gordon
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels x3
Josh Hamilton
jJ Hardy
Felix Hernandez x2
Adam Jones
Matt latos x2
Evan Longoria
Albert Pujols x2
Pablo Sandoval
Max Scherzer
Nick Swisher
Troy Tulowitzki
Adam Wainwright
White Sox Mascot
Wally the green monster Red Sox
Alanta Braves Mascot

Edwin Encarnacion
Zack Greinke x2
Jason Grilli x2
Jurickson Profar x2
Dinger (Rockies)

Billy the Marlin
Madison Bumgarner
Allen Craig
David Ortiz
Jake Peavy
Brandon Phillips
Albert Pujols x2
Jose Reyes x2
Mike Trout
Justin Upton
Chase Utley
Joey Votto

Clay Buchholz x2
Matt Kemp
Ian Kinsler
Matt Moore
Will Myers
Jurickson Profar
Yasiel Puig
Hyun-jin Ryu
Chris Sale
Gapper (Reds)
Kansas City Royals

J.J. Hardy-Marco Scutaro

Josh Hamilton-CC Sabathia

gold Foil

Red C Gonzalez-Hamels

Blue Latos-Scutaro

Black Ryu-Trout

Glow in the dark
White Alvarez-Beltre-Bumgarner-Cain-Colon-Darvish-Halladay-Kinsler-Lee-Peavy-Sabathia-Sale-Scherzer-Votto

ReD Craig-Harper-Hernandez-Swisher

Black Kimbrel-Puig-Segura

Blue Hernandez

GOLD Colon
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How about this trade?

Merrick Colorized state Quarter Maddux $?
'08 YSL Rivera #6506 and 6704 $6 total
'12 Topps Dynamic Diecuts Bautista DD-JB 2.5
'12 A&G Mini Gold Border Ortiz #35 1.44
'13 Topps Emerald #15 Pedroia 3.75

Prizm USA #3 Tulowitzki 1.50
Topps Chrome Purple #177 Moustakas, #214 Hosmer $6 Total
Topps '72 Mini #88 Bautista $1
Topps Opening Day 3D Stars #7 Longoria 1.25
2012 Topps Chrome Purple Chris Davis $3
2011 Topps Chrome Vintage Mike Stanton $2
2011 Topps A&G Relic Aaron Hill $8

Works for me! I'll post. Thanks for the trade!

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i have the jones and bourn prizm fearless also havbe the 2014 topps super veteran sv-2 plus most of your prizm wants in base bi like
UC2 Trout trout-20