My first Ozzie pick up of the year.

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Oct 24, 2006
Been looking for this one for awhile and finally found one and actually won it on ebay.

1988 Topps Cloth

those are cool...i can not remember them for the life of me though from back in the day...kinda odd...if only we had the internet back then lol.
Congratulations on getting one of the rare ones! Most of time...its the cost or you get into a bidding war where the only one smiling is the seller! Best regards, David
Thanks everyone! It was listed last week at 149 BIN or a 99.99 opening bid. I just put it on my watch list and sniped it. I got it for the opening bid but am glad to finally get it off my need list. Hopefully I can find a few more from his playing days. Only need 14 more to knock the 80's out.