My First TTM and What a Success

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Aug 5, 2008
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Norfolk Va.
Sent on 22 June Back on 2 July Only 10 days. No Fee what a surprise to me.


Thanks.Now it has to go off to the Cardinal's organization anyone know a good address?
You know that if you send that off the chances you will get it back are slim to none, right? I haven't ever seen a TTM success for either McGuire or Pujols.
dude...dont send that TTM to the others...just wait for a show...if you send it TTM you will never see it again.

If you MUST try it, then I would try spring training.
I would never ever send that TTM to McGwire or Pujols. McGwire signs sometimes pregame and Pujols will be the though one (he signs for $200ish at Cardinals fanfest).
yeah your lucky enough to get The Man, I wouldn't push it and go for the impossible of Pujols or Big Mac TTM
I live here in / near St. Louis, and I beg you, don't send that. Odds are you will never see it again. If you truely want to complete it, wait until they are doing a signing, and yes, it may cost, but at least you don't lose I nice piece, the Musial. I lost two Musial's in what should have been a definite signing, but things happen, and I cry to this day. They were photos signed by Musial and Slaughter, and I only needed Marty Marion. He signs great, and I had gotten from him before.

I have talked to Marty about them, and he remembers getting them and signing them. But they never showed up at my door. I tend to blame it on the post office, but where I am not sure. I think everyone here at my post office is trust worthy, but what about someone on Marty's route?

Don't lose it. Keep it.
greatdadx2: I wont send it you all convinced me.I do have another one can I send it?(LOL) not been signed