My latest pickup

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Great photo. I personally don't care for the fancy frame jobs. I found this interesting though...either I am losing touch, or clueless. I have never heard of STAT though...

"STAT Authentic, one of the nation's top memorabilia authentication companies. With over 75 years of combined experience, STAT's experts provide their best opinion as to the legitimacy of an item, which comes with a numbered hologram and Certificate of Authenticity with corresponding number."

Those holograms are nothing special. I have seen them offered by numerous smaller ebay sellers. The sig looks good to me though, as best I can tell from the scans.
I did some snooping. I have heard of Ted Taylor and actually bought some things from him in the past. He was a Fleer Exec in the 90s.

However, there are also some poor things written about them as well.
I was told 2 weeks ago to authenticate anything of the Mick it cost a 100 bucks. Well from PSA anyway. The reason I know is because I have a card authenticated in August. So 25 not to sure about that. Live and learn as they say.