My MLB FT list.

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Marquis Grissom Portraits (Topps Gallery 1998) #9 x1 Brewers (Tiny peel showing bottom right on the back of the card)
Billy Wagner (1997 METAL UNIVERSE) #141 x1 Astros
Chris George Facsimile Signature (2001 Bowman Chrome) #234 x1 Royals
Barry Bonds & Willie Mays (1993 Topps Stadium Club Ultra Pro) 8 of 10 x1 (Includes Penny Sleeve)
Darin Erstad (Pacific Revolution 1998) #3 x1 Angels (Some tiny Scratchs on top corners and top of card both on the back of the card)
Fred McGriff (2002 Fleer/Skybox EX) #34 x1 Cubs
Nick Markakis (2010 Topps Prominent Baseball Players) NTR71 x1 Orioles
Brian Jordan (1996 Leaf Limited) #79 x1 Cardinals

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