My Official Ahmad Bradshaw WANTED List!!!!

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
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I have the Contenders AU and the Contenders Round Numbers AU w/ Deshawn Wynn. I redeemed them and it has been close to a year now so I probably will not see them. I will let you know if I get them in.
thanks...please let me know if you get anything back on those...the redemption cards say they will substitue after 6 months or something like that? I have yet to see one of either surface...and I'm guessing they won't.

List is updated and I split it up in to 1/1's and stuff you might actually find...just thought that would be easier.
42 more to go from the list of non 1/1's....2 of those are pending and i'm still not sure which version of the Specturm I am missing :(

List updated.
Finished out the 09 Topps Magic set today :)

Score and Score Inscriptions are both kicking my butt though...any help appreciated.
another print plate down...but why can't I find some of these higher #'d print runs...Score drives me crazy with this stuff...
---antoher one gone...still a long way to go....
2007 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Signatures #153 Ahmad Bradshaw Print Run 50