My set completers for 2017


5.00 star(s)
Hi all,

As we start to wind the Year Down , I like to thank everyone who
helped me complete a set in 2017
Here are all my set completers for 2017

2017 Totals
Jerry Robertson 10x
Bobby Leonard 9x
Michael Salinsky 9x
Mike Napoleon 8x
Ron Brown 7x
Randy Welk OBC 6X
Pat Looney 6x
Kelly Glazner 6x
Larry McGowan 6x
Jack Downs 5x
Stu Gash 5x
Colin Mercer 5x
Jim Goodreid 5x
Robert Huntington - The Bench 3x
Jerry Joy 3x
Charlie Lyman 2x - The Bench
Steve Parr 2x
Tom Biggs 2x
Ron Taylor 2x
Matt Schultz 2x
Butch Dinkfelt 2x - Bench
Paul Pavey 2x - Bench
Rick Clopton 2x
Bob D'Angelo 2x OBC/OCT
Ken Monks VCT
Derek Nyquist The Bench
Pete Meyers
Jimmy Liang - The Bench
Michael Molek
Randy Krolewicz - VCT
Mark Holland
Tim Smith
Paul Browning
Joel Freedman
Gary Applegate - The Bench
Bob Novy
Len Medeiros
John Malusis
Joe Weech - Bench
Mark Gilmore
Jack Pallen
Scott Nicholas
Ed Lohr
Ken Koscho - Bench
Doug Flater
Randy Griffin OBC/VCT/OCT
Mark Zenthovich
Ora Cropley
Joe Dalton
Mike Kelemen
Andy Blackwood
Al Smith
Scott Karp - The Bench
David Brankow
David Kimura

You guys are the Best!!
Thank you so much for helping complete so many sets in 2017..

Happy Trading,