My Small Football For Sale List!!!

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I have the following Football cards for sale. Looking to raise as much money as I can before June so I can go back to California and visit my dad who I found out has terminal cancer when I was there in September for my mom's funeral. Only looking to make deals that are $15 and up to make it worth it with shipping costs. Shipping w/tracking # is included in price. If interested in anything let me know. U.S. only. Thank you.

TROY AIKMAN 1989 Topps Traded Autograph RC (Beautiful "on the card" Autograph on an actual 1989 card (not a reprint) and comes with certificate of authenticity card from Score Board) $90 DLVD

RONNIE BROWN 2005 Playoff Contenders Autograph RC SP #164 $15 DLVD

D'BRICKASHAW FERGUSON 2006 Ultimate Collection RC Autograph #248 /275 $10 DLVD

CARLOS HYDE 2014 Panini Rookies and Stars Autograph RC #118 $15 DLVD

DERRICK JOHNSON 2005 Topps Autograph RC #T-DJ $12 DLVD

MAURICE JONES DREW 2006 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Spectrum 2 clr patch/football/3 clr patch RC #257 /100 $12 DLVD

MAURICE JONES DREW 2006 Bowman Signs of the Future Autograph RC #SF-MD $12 DLVD

MAURICE JONES DREW 2006 National Treasures Jumbo Jersey RC #131 25/25 $15 DLVD

MAURICE JONES DREW 2006 Press Pass Red Ink Autograph RC SP $15 DLVD

MAURICE JONES DREW 2007 Leaf Limited 4 Color Patch #48 /25 $12 DLVD

MAURICE JONES DREW 2009 Leaf Limited Banner Season Autograph 4 Color Patch #20 1/1 $90 DLVD

JARVIS LANDRY 2014 Topps Chrome Rookie Relics Refractor Jersey RC #RR-JL /25 $18 DLVD

BYRON LEFTWICH 2004 E-X Clearly Authentics Dual Jaguar Cat Logo Patch/Jersey #CA-BL /44 $12 DLVD

MARCEDES LEWIS 2006 Donruss Elite Status Autograph RC #186 /24 $15 DLVD

SOLD!!! RONNIE LOTT 1994 Pro Line Live Autograph /910 $15 DLVD SOLD!!!

LESEAN MCCOY 2009 Rookies & Stars 4 Color Jumbo Patch RC #220 /10 $35 DLVD

DARREN MCFADDEN 2008 SPx Autograph Triple Jersey RC #182 /325 $25 DLVD

LAMAR MILLER 2012 Topps Rookie Patch 3 Color Patch RC #RP-LM (corner wear) $8 DLVD

SOLD!!! TERRELL OWENS 1999 Donruss Private Signings Autograph $20 DLVD SOLD!!!

TERRELL OWENS 2003 Fleer Patchworks Patch of Honor 3 color patch #PH-TO /220 $15 DLVD

WALTER PAYTON 1995 Super Bowl 10th Anniversary Phone Card Autograph $100 DLVD

SOLD!!! JORDAN REED 2013 Topps Chrome 1965 Topps Tall Boys Refractor? Autograph RC #20 $30 DLVD SOLD!!!

JERRY RICE 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends Epic Signatures GOLD Autograph #JRC /100 $225 DLVD

SOLD!!! WILL SMITH 2004 Upper Deck Pro Sigs Signature Collection GOLD Autograph #SC-WS /25 $15 DLVD SOLD!!!

FRED TAYLOR 2005 Reflections Signature Reflections Autograph #SR-FT $8 DLVD

VINNY TESTAVERDE 2013 SPx Super Scripts Autograph #SS-VT $8 DLVD

MICHAEL TURNER/SAMIE PARKER 2004 Playoff Prime Signatures Dual Autograph RC #120 /199 $15 DLVD

MICHAEL VICK 2001 Private Stock Silver Framed RC #105 /99 $15 DLVD

BRIAN WESTBROOK 2002 Press Pass JE Authentics Autograph RC $15 DLVD

DEANGELO WILLIAMS 2006 Playoff Contenders Autograph RC SP #118 $15 DLVD

KELLEN WINSLOW JR 2004 Playoff Honors Rookie Hidden Gems Autograph Jersey RC #211 /50 $15 DLVD
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