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My Starter/Complete Sets For Yours?


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Got a couple hundred (or thousand) cards you'd love to move out at one shot and get something you could use in return? Do you like building sets and are looking for new ones you don't have in your collection yet to work on? Then I'm your guy! I have thousands of cards in a fully computerized inventory from all four of the major sports that I am in the process of adding to a master list of starter and complete sets to trade for things I don't have yet. So if you have something I don't have yet, weather its a vintage lot, a pile of last years stuff, or one of those mass produced sets, I am interested. Lets make some space in each others doubles boxes and get something back we don't have yet! Simply e-mail me at BHK5150@AOL.COM, request my most current list of starter/complete sets for trade, as well as the list of sets I currently have, and lets trade. Of course, all trades can be finalized right here on the board. But contacting me directly is simply quicker and easier to send you the Excel files I have of my inventory. Thanks for the read, and looking forward to hearing from you. Lets Trade!!!