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I dont get all these short little words people use like TTM and WWTF, although some of them i do know, alot of postings have to many of these short wordings. I am new here and when i read a post that has these things in them i just have to scratch my head and wonder what in the heck are they talking about? I would like to get more involved but its hard when i dont know the lingo in here sometimes. can someone please make a dictionary of terms for in here or can we jsut start typing words instead of texting words?

lmk= let me know
lyk= let you know
wttf =want to trade for
wtt= want to trade
WTTF-Want to trade for
WTS-Want to sell
HFT-Have for trade
LMK-Let me Know
PC-Personal Collection
NFT-Not for trade

Scuba-Self Containing Underwater Breathing Apparatus :D