My TTM success tracker

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Here's what I've sent out and have had returned so far. I try to put all of my successes in the TTM database, but if its not there I can look it up for you. I hope this helps others decide what players to send to.

My key:
italicized - returned
underlined - RTS
regular - still out

Accardo, Jeremy
Alomar, Roberto - too late?
Anderson, Sparky
Bonilla, Bobby
Cameron, Mike
Castillo, Frank
Cox, Bobby - saw a ST return, sent to home and nothing
Daulton, Darren
Dent, Bucky - where are you?
Doerr, Bobby
Grace, Mark
Grieve, Ben
Haas, Moose
Hillenbrand, Shea
Houk, Ralph
Howe, Art
Jones, Todd
Konerko, Paul - RTS UTF
Lee, Cliff - stopped signing?
Lee, Travis
Leyland, Jim - hopefully comes back in Oct/Nov
Lieber, Jon
Lieberthal, Mike - stopped signing?
Mueller, Bill
Murphy, Dale - taking his time I hope
Mussina, Mike - returns are usually a long time (7 mo. or more)
Nen, Robb - please come back
Olerud, John
O'Neill, Paul - sent too late?
Palmer, Dean - sent too late?
Renteria, Edgar - sent too late?
Sandberg, Ryne - took a shot, hit or miss player
Stevens, Lee - all came back bent
Thomson, Bobby
Timlin, Mike
Valentine, Bobby
Vina, Fernando
Williams, Matt - please come back
Williams, Woody
Zimmerman, Ryan - please come back

Atkins, Garrett
Ausmus, Brad
Baker, Dusty
Bell, Heath
Bradley, Milton
Cain, Matt
Cook, Aaron
Cordero, Chad
Duke, Zach
Feierabend, Ryan
Figaro, Alfredo
French, Luke
Gardenhire, Ron
Garland, Jon
Gonzalez, Adrian
Hill, Aaron
Jackson, Edwin
Johnson, Josh
Lackey, John
Lannan, John
LaPorta, Matt
Lincecum, Tim
Litsch, Jesse
Maine, John
Marcum, Shaun
McPherson, Dallas
Moehler, Brian
Ni, Fu-Te
Okajima, Hideki
Posey, Buster
Price, David
Putz, J.J.
Rabelo, Mike
Rauch, Jon
Rodney, Fernando
Sabathia, CC
Sandoval, Pablo
Saunders, Joe
Schlereth, Dan
Sherrill, George
Stairs, Matt
Thomas, Clete
Trammell, Alan
Turner, Jacob
Webb, Brandon
Westbrook, Jake
Wigginton, Ty
Wright, David
Zobrist, Ben
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Konerko, Paul - RTS UTF

What does this mean? I had pretty good success years ago getting Joe Borchard and Joe Crede to sign from the White Sox.
Konerko, Paul - RTS UTF

What does this mean? I had pretty good success years ago getting Joe Borchard and Joe Crede to sign from the White Sox.
Me, like many other people got a RTS UTF from Konerko in Jan. I don't know where he moved to, but apparently he is not at either of the addresses in the TTM database.
Congrats on the successes so far..

Have a suggestion for you on your list, instead of underlining and italics, it would be easier to read if you color coded I said just a friendly suggestion.