Mystery card set needing identity....

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Nov 5, 2010
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Santa Cruz, California
Hi. I've had this set since the early or mid-seventies. I would love someone to give this set an identity since there are no dates or company name attached to them, possibly for that reason they are official baseball Hall of Fame cards. A 33 card set circa 1970s. Hand colored photos on front w/ perforated edges (think postage stamp edges). Back is white w/black writing, stats on bottom, below that is the line "Elected to Hall of Fame" followed by a date, card# is inside a star in the left corner .
1 M.Ott, 2 G.A. Cleveland, 3 Babe Ruth, 4 H.Greenberg, 5 B.Terry, 6 C.Hubbell, 7 R.Hornsby, 8 Dizzy Dean, 9 J.DiMaggio, 10 C.Gehringer, 11 G.Hartnett, 12 M.Cochrane, 13 G.Sisler, 14 J.Cronin, 15 Pie Traynor, 16 L.Gehrig, 17 Lefty Grove, 18 Chief Bender, 19 F.Frisch, 20 A.Simmons, 21 J.Foxx, 22. J.McGraw, 23 C.Mathewson, 24 Ty Cobb, 25 Dazzy Vance, 26 B.Dickey, 27 E.Collins, 28 W.Johnson, 29 Tris Speaker, 30 Nap LaJoie, 31 H.Wagner, 32 Cy Young.