Review N F L Triple Threads

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Oct 8, 2002
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Sunny Central Florida
NFL Triple Threads

1 master box - 2 mini boxes - 7 cards per mini box
2 low numbered Triple Relic cards - one of which is autographed

I received these:

White Whale 1/1
Jay Ajayi

Triple Relic
Randall Cobb #to 18

Jumbo Relic
Marcus Mariota #ed to 75

Auto Relic
Rashad Greene #ed to 75

#ed Parallels

Green - #ed to 199
Matt Forte
Gold - #ed to 99
Arian Foster

Red #ed to 50
Andrew Luck
Blue #ed to 25
Barry Sanders -- Jason it's all yours if you want it!

Base Cards

6 base received - D. Murray, L. McCoy, B. Roethlisberger, B. Marshall, A. Morris, and B. Jackson

As has become the custom, Triple Threads is a premium issue. The cards are very thick and this year way too dark for my taste. I prefer a lighter background -- unless the photos were taken in the dark and then dark background is fine! The design this year is good with gold foil texturing and imprinting. The HD photography is very good as well.

I like the design of the Triple Relic I received. I would caution anyone receiving one to be very careful of the lazer cutting around the relic pieces - one could easily damage the edges.

Triple Threads is definitely an issue for the player collector and not so much for the set builder. Having said that, one can probably find a good number of base cards on the 'bay for a very reasonable price (lots of folks ripping and selling the relics and autos.)

Overall grade B+ too dark for me.

Go buy several master boxes to see if you can pull a White Whale that looks as good as the one I received!!

Thanks for the review Duane. What can I get you for the UK alum Randall Cobb?