Need 50/50 help

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Jun 2, 2008
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Wanted to see if anyone can help me on 50/50's on these players below this season. Will only work with people with a good trading history on the site. Looking to 50/50 cards and/or 8x10s.

Here are the guys I need help with:

Torii Hunter
Carlos Beltran
Jose Valverde
Darin Erstad
Aubrey Huff
Pudge Rodriguez
Dennis Sarfate
Andruw Jones
Russ Ortiz
You should try Andruw Jones TTM...never hurts to try!! I will let ya know if I get him back. I sent a couple weeks ago c/o White Sox ST.
I would try Huff TTM also. He went to Brewer High in TX so you have a little bit going for you also when you put TX in the return address....and I think Sarfate is a go TTM as well.
Ditto with Erstad. Took about a year, but I got a TTM back from him. Are you looking for a particular card signed?
Ditto with Erstad. Took about a year, but I got a TTM back from him. Are you looking for a particular card signed?

Just an astros. I am 0/2 with erstad ttm and 0/2 with huff ttm. Maybe my letters just stink haha. As far as those two guys I just need them on astros cards, photos or customs, not a certain set.
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i had a chance in person and passed on the amazing opportunity
Darrell, you didnt get a Junction Jack auto for your collection? I need to get Rangers Captain sweet spot on an ROMLB
Junction Jack?????? Phhhhhhht. The Astros really have never had a great mascot. In my opinion, there are very few terrific team mascots out there: the San Diego Chicken who started all of this, the Philly Phanatic, and in 1984 the Giants had the Crazy Crab. That's pretty much it. Now, the Astros used to have a guy with big red hair, and a large brew in in his hand, who used to sit in the centerfield bleachers at the 'dome and started all of those annoying waves. Maybe Andrew should track him down and get his sig? :)
his love of mascots took him from our once and a lifetime trip to fenway to skip an inning of redsoxs baseball to wait in line with a bunch of kids to get a picture with wally the green monster. I lost a lot of respect for andrew that day :) jk man but I was appalled