Need help identifying an old WWF card

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Oct 26, 2003
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I saw one of these going for alot a few months ago on ebay but wasn't sure where my copy was..I just found it and I'm now having trouble figuring out what this is.. anyone know?

It's smaller than an average size card and the front is like a sportsflix..


1990 WWF Wrestling Action Figures #9 Million Dollar Man/ Ted DiBiase Item has no pricing
1991 WWF Wrestling Series 2 Action Figures #8 Million Dollar Man/ Ted DiBiase Item has no pricing
I did a little more searching based off of the "lenticular motion card" in the auction and came up with 1990 WWF Hasbro Flips Cards. I may just throw it on ebay anyway... this past winter, I scored $50 on a few beat up wwf mags that were supposed to not be worth anything either so you never know.

Thanks for the help
Virgil retired around 2000 and began teaching math in Pittsburgh, Pa. Recently returned to the WWE in May 2010 as Ted DiBiase, Jr's bodyguard. Virgil wrestled ?? (I don't remember who) on RAW in June 2010 and lost the match. While he was laying there DiBiase Jr. stuck a $100 bill in his mouth and fired him.

I always liked the theme song too.
Everyone's got a price....
Do you remember when he took people out of the audience to kiss his feet?
John Cena actually kissed his shoes as a 9 year kid for a 100.00
I remember that. Remember the guy bouncing the basketball 100 times for $100? DiBiase kicked it away when he reached 99. HA!