Need help identifying two signature cards I pulled


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I went dime bin diving and found two cards that don't conform to anything in beckett or anywhere else for that matter. One is 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #92 Jacob Smolinski with a signature on card. It is the last card in the base set and it doesn't seem to match any of the signature parallels. Is this some kind of anomaly or just a signature on a regular card? Does anybody have experiences with this set that could help me identify what this card is?

The other is an even odder duck. It is a card with a woodgrain front with the words "Genuine Auto Signature Card" and the signature of Chris Marrero. The back has the checklist number BAT1 and Baseball Autograph Card on the top, Signature Series below, and then three lines, Chris Marrero, Potomac Nationals, and the date May 26, 2008 are handwritten in blue marker. There is a small white sticker which says Martin's Memorabilia MM2235. The copyright is @2008 I went to the website and it looks like a site where you can buy these card templates to have someone sign it. Is that basically what I have here?

I have photos of the cards but of course I cannot attach them to the post. If anybody can help me figure out what these are, that would be great. If not, well, they were basically dime bin pulls, so no big loss.