Need help with a project idea

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Dec 14, 2004
As some of you may know I have the complete set of Adam Lind lettermans from (picture on my site). I was looking to display it in a case and hang it on my wall or sell it on the bay. I bought a shadow box from Michaels only to discover it was too small. I was thinking of either buying a larger shadow box to display it in or possilby have someone build one for me. I would really like a black frame long enough to "Blue Jays" horizontally and "Lind" also horizontally in the middle of Bleu Jays. Obviously the frame has to be deep enough to contain the letterman cards.
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I'm gonna check him out thank you!!!! If I lie the cards out the way I want and measure would it give me a pretty close idea of what I need?
Yeah, and or he can design something for you. He has a very creative eye and does great work, especially with sports themes. He is very trustworthy. If you mail him the cards you want framed we will take great care of them and design you a cool shadow box. he is currently working on a frame for my Henderson auto card with COA and OMLB photo.