Need Help with Ken Grifffey, Jr. card


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I have a Ken Griffey, Jr. card that was not issued by one of the major card companies.
The front of the card has a photo of Griffey, the word "Junior" in gold lettering on the
left side and his signature in gold lettering on the bottom of the card. The back of the
card is black & white with statistics & a photo of him out of uniform. The card reads
"Ken Griffey Jr. The Kid". It is card number 165 numbered 1 of 10,000. It also indicates
the issuing company to be Sports Stars USA 1994-95. If anybody can help identify this
card for me I would be very thankful. I have scans of both sides. If you would be interested
in buying I am selling.

David K.

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Is he in a black suite and tie? Happy Holidays, David PS I was thinking a collectors product insert his card into their product.....


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Thats impressive that that site has those listed. I looked on beckett and in the Beckett yearly catalog from 2013 and came up empty.