Need help??????

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Mar 22, 2006
I have a guy I trade with on another site offering me a real nice John Elway card for my 2009 Sp Threads Auto/Patch Knowshon Moreno Rc! (3/8), just not sure if it is a great deal......So looking for advice because Elway is a HOF'er and Broncos Legend here is the card and my Moreno card.

'09 National Treasures JOHN ELWAY Retired Numbers Jersey #10/10

2009 Sp Threads Knowshon Moreno Rc!
keep the moreno he is ganna be a hall of famer also and his cards are just ganna gain more money elways sitting where he is always gonna be no higher
Thanks guys, I don't mind trading the Moreno but at same time I do even though it is a great player like Elway and it is #10/10.
I don't follow FB and I don't know anything about the prospect, but I was assuming the Elway was going to be an autograph. Unless you collect Elway specifically, I would almost never trade an auto for a GU card.
I think I would take the Elway. In a couple of years you might not even be able to see the signature on the Moreno.

The bottom line is DO YOU want the Elway card or the Moreno? If they're both about the same BV, go with the card you want. Also, Elway IS a HOFer. Who knows how Moreno's career will unfold.
Well decided to keep the Moreno, can always pick up an Elway later.....Thanks for the advice Sean