Need Pete Vuckovich Auto? Get Him While You Can

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Mar 21, 2006
New Hampshire
For all the autograph set collectors with Pete Vuckovich needs ... now is probably the last time you will be able to get him at a "reasonable" price.

As you may know, Pete hates to sign autographs. Not just sort of dislikes, but hates. He is impossible TTM. Equally impossible IP. He's as tough as a living MLBer can be.

His wallet must have been feeling a little light in 2009 because he emerged to do a show with $100 per auto price tag. I need him for the 83 Fleer set but that price was a bit too rich for me.

Now he's going to be in St. Louis over Valentine's Day Weekend for what is being billed as his last contractual signing appearance. Whether that means 'forever' or 2010 or the next five years is anyone's guess. Vuck's autographs on cards are $52. Still very steep but I sent in the $.

A flier for the show:

Also appearing are tough signers including Bake McBride and Dan Driessen. The week before has Ted Simmons for $11 -- very reasonable price. Coming in March (price is TBA) is Benny Ayala.