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Mar 21, 2006
I bought a box of 2008 Updates & Highlights the other day, and was lucky enough to pull a Matsui sketch card (Scan Here). Looking at completed auctions on Ebay, I think I can get a decent amount of money for the card. However, I figure to get the most out of the card, I need to open shipping up to Japan.

Through the years I've heard a lot of horror stories of people buying from and selling to people over seas (lots of PayPal fraud if I remember right). So to anyone who has sold to Japan before, what advice would you have for me? I'd like to get it all sorted out before I set up my auction. Let me know what you think and thanks!!
I never had any issues sending to Japan ...... Taiwan has been a different experience in itself ... but I would treat sending to Japan no different than say Canada, Europe, Australia & so on ......... of course thats not to say there cant be any issues as there are questionable folks everywhere .. consider feedback scores .. I think you can modify who you allow to bid (feedback score) - thanks, erik
I never had a problem either. I would never know what to charge for shipping so I would always let them know ahead of time that shipping would be exact. It took an extra trip to the PO but with cards I knew that would do better over there it was worth it.

I once sold a double jersey autograph Jordan 23/23 to a guy in Taiwan. Paid with ease like I was selling it to the next state over.

It worked for me then but its been a while.
I have sold a few items to Japan and never had a problem... but it was computer parts and not cards though...

New had a problem with overseas sales and purchases...registered mail is about $12-13.

If you are "scared" maybe have the Japanese buyer buy thru one of these ebay accounts:

They are US based ebay accounts that buy exclusively for the Japan market. You ship to them (in the US) and they take care of the rest. With the volume of transactions they do, aside from the language barrier, I assume part of the popularity of them is because there are tons of complaints about bad shipping practices from US sellers.

Good luck
Sold a few higher price cards (ichiro) to Japan and had no problems! Got to love those deep pockets of the Japanese collectors!! Best regards, David
Have mailed there several times, all basketball card trades to. Have never had a problem, also i think shipping is quicker than sending to Canada. Sent one package off and trade partner sent same day and we both received in 5 days. Maybe that was unusual but i thought very good for shipping overseas.

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