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Need some help identifying some autographs


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I used to get autographs on my baseball and now I have no idea who I have. I know three of them. If you could maybe help me out that would be great. Pics are below...
Teams that have possibility
2010 Brewers
2007 Marlins
2008 Giants
2010 Marlins
2010 Phillies
2010 Dodgers
2010 Cardinals
2010 Diamondbacks
2010 Astros
2010 Rockies
2009 Marlins
2009 Dodgers
2009 Brewers
2009 Padres
2009 Mets
2007 Astros
2008 Brewers
2008 Pirates
2008 Dragons
2007 Diamondbacks
2007 Indians
and of course every year from the Reds 2007-2010

Autographed Baseballs
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3rd one might be andre ethier... the others will need some info... years, teams, anything you can provide

the years are all going to be anywhere from 2007-2010. and from National League teams. NO AL teams.
And I am 100% sure that it is Ethier because I got him on a card too. Thanks
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