Need Trade Mediation HELP!

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I cannot find any obvious place to ask for help from this site. That info should be somewhere available when it is needed. I have not had contact from my inquiries on a trade with the member tglg. I sent my cards to him shortly after our trade was created almost a month ago. Please help me with this matter. At least tell me who to direct my complaint to towards some resolution. Thank you, Rooster.

266393 tglg 04-09-2016


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I know that tglg has family issues for about a year now and can be taken away from here for periods of time along with being busy with his personal business also. I will try to text him and see if he is ok and mention that you are trying to get ahold of him.


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Hi t.rooster:

Click on "bench tools" and then "help desk". There you will get a chance to explain the situation to the moderators and one of them will get in contact with Tglg.

I'm sorry about the situation but I'm sure something will be done to help you. Good luck.



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There is documentation on how to report a trade gone bad. If you want intervention from the moderator team, you should go to the trade manager. With that trade pulled up, you should find a button to report the trade. This will create a help desk ticket, that generates a post in the moderator's forum that a trade has gone bad. Using the help desk directly is for different issues and does not alert the moderators automatically. I'm sorry that information is hard to find, put you could do a search in the faqs.