needing some 2012 Bowman Inside the Numbers


5.00 star(s)
just figured I'd fish around and see if there are any of these out there to complete my set

ITN-ABR Antonio Brown
ITN-AF Arian Foster
ITN-AJ Andre Johnson
ITN-AS Alex Smith
ITN-GO Greg Olsen
ITN-MC Marques Colston
ITN-MF Matt Forté
ITN-MFL Malcom Floyd
ITN-MWI Mike Williams
ITN-PH Percy Harvin
ITN-PT Pierre Thomas
ITN-RL Ray Lewis
ITN-RM Rashard Mendenhall
ITN-RMA Ryan Mathews
ITN-RW Roddy White
ITN-SG Shonn Greene
ITN-SH Santonio Holmes