Networking for other members?

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Jan 29, 2010
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Lawrenceville, Ga.
Hi Let me say I do this and find it to be helpful for other members as well as gratifying for myself. If I happened to have traded with a member and know they collect a certain player or team. Or happen to be looking for a paticular card. When I am doing my thing checking through buckets or trade list. And I happen to see some one with a player or team they collect and his or her bucket is loaded. I think go to the member I have trade with before and say you may want to peek at this members bucket or trade list he has a lot of the player or team you collect. I have been thanked and told they have traded with member's they never spoke to before. And on the other side they didn't work out a trade, but spoke to a new person they had not before. I am wondering if any one else happens to extent him or her self to help out some other member? If not then why not try, first it can't hurt and second it generates new contacts and of course more trades. I believe this opens a circle one more apt to come back to you for being helpful. Again I know not everyone has time for this blah blah blah. Trying to generate some talk to see who feels how and why is all.
As usual thanks an enjoy your day.
I see the idea is not very popular. Like I am surprised. I do know a few people personally has looked out for me. Which I will not name. But I know common courtesy it not dead. I offer a rpund of applaus for your softer side.
I do this all the time :) Especially for folks that collect rarely seen guys like Ray Lankford. If I see something in a bucket or tradelist, I start sending out PMs lol
I don't think it is an unpopular idea but it is something that most of us do for each other without even thinking about it.