NEVER underestimate the power of marked down retail blasters!

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
I was on the road this weekend, so I was stopping at Meijer stores along the way for a couple of these and another item I've seen marked down significantly as of late.


The notables (one '15 Topps S2 & hanger pack from one store, the rest from the same store)...

2013 Topps Series 2:
better RCs: A. Hicks, K. Davis, H. Ryu
Emerald: 593 (J. Loney), 647 (A. Dunn)
1972 Minis: 58 (J. Shields), 63 (Y. Berra), 79 (J. Hamilton)
Chase it Down: 7 (B. Harper)
Chasing History: 73 (R. Cano), 83 (W. Mays), 92 (M. Schmidt)
Cut to the Chase: 48 (S. Koufax)
WBC Stars: 13 (J. Mauer)
Commemorative Patch: J. Reyes)
SPs: 27 (M. Trout autographs)

2015 Topps Series 2
better RCs: Y. Tomas, H. Strickland, J. Kang, J. Kang, T. Gore
Foil: 501 (W. Venable), 529 (M. Machado)
Gold /2016: 362 (J. Bourgeois), 460 (SF Giants)
Eclipsing History: 3 (N. Ryan/S. Koufax), 5 (D. Gooden/T. Seaver)
First HR White: 3 (B. Robinson), 10 (M. Cabrera), 27 (A. Pujols), 32 (P. Sandoval), 35 (L. Duda)
First HR Silver: 3 (B. Robinson), 8 (T. Perez), 10 (M. Cabrera), 15 (B. Jackson), 27 (A. Pujols)
First Pitch: 25 (G. Iglesias), 25 (G. Iglesias)
Heart of the Order: 6 (Y. Puig), 9 (C. Jones), 9 (C. Jones)
Highlight of the Year: 34 (1st MLB ASG), 43 (W. Mays), 51 (R. Clemens), 51 (R. Clemens), 60 (C. Kershaw)
Hot Streak: 2 (J. Palmer), 7 (V. Castilla), 16 (D. Cone)
Ripken/2632: 3 (Sept. 14 1987), 5 (Sept. 11 1992), 6 (June 6 1993), 10 (Oct. 6 2001)
Stepping Up: 2 (D. Snider), 12 (A. Pujols), 15 (L. Gonzalez), 19 (J. Panik)
'Til It's Over: 2 (K. Griffey Jr.), 3 (T. Tulowitzki), 7 (L. Brock)
1st HR Medallions: T. Gwynn, T. Williams
SPs: 389 (M. Betts sliding), 622 (Y. Gomes dugout)


2015 Heritage hanger pack
Chrome /999: J. Verlander
SPs: 486 (C. Yelich)

2015 Heritage High Number
better RCs: C. Correa
Award Winners: 4 (C. Kershaw)
Classic Combos: 6 (C. Davis/M. Machado)
Now and Then: 6 (A. Beltre)
Rookie Performers: 13 (Y. Tomas)
SPs: 708 (M. Scherzer), 718 (A. Russell RC)
Clubhouse Collection Triple Relic: Clemente/McCutchen/Stargell 01/25!!!


I was hoping for the Bryant SP or a solid chrome card, but this will do just fine. :p
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HI Zack
Can use the:
2015 Topps First Home Run Medallions #FHRMTG Tony Gwynn S2
Team: San Diego Padres
- - $3.00 $8.00
lmk what you can use in return
Thanks Bob