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I second what bear0555 has said. He is a very well known "dirty guy" in the hobby. Do a search for him over on the psa message boards and you will find a lot of not so nice info on him. Good luck!

- Britt


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wow thanks for the link bear0555. spent a few hours this morning reading all about the seller! tons and tons of info out there (even seller's name), just by searching google


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What do I do? I'm thinking just not paying and telling him to cancel the transaction...can I do that?

He can leave you a non paying bidder if you don't pay... unless you both agree to cancel the transaction! If he files a non paying bidder ebay could close your account but I think you have to have 2 or 3 NPB for that to happen!! You can always check the serial # of the authentication to make sure it is registered. You can always buy and have authenticated yourself.. Then if fake you can file paypal claim or pay with your credit card through paypal then if fake you can do a charge back!


David K.

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Hope it works out for you! Seem the seller name before when I use to be on Beckett message board...beware on this one...Best regards, David PS good catch by bear0555!!