New Custom Set Idea

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
Someone was asking me the other day what I was planning to do after I was finished my custom Legends set. Well today it hit me that I should do a custom set of people who were involved in some sort of whacky moment in baseball history. I think that would be a lot of fun. I'm still working on my Legends set but I figured that it's never too early to begin taking ideas for my 'Defining Moments' set as I think I will call it...that is unless someone has a better name in mind. I have 21 Legends customs made at the moment and about 5 or 6 more in mind but I'd like to have about 40 or 50 guys in that set when it's completed. But the one that comes to mind for my new 'Defining Moments' set in Steve Lyons when he pulled his pants down in the middle of the field. Let me know if you have any ideas for either of my sets. Thanx as always for your help!

Here is the list I have for my Legends set if anyone is interested:

1. John "Windy" McCall
2. Don Money
3. Bobby Thomson
4. Hal Naragon
5. Bill "Spaceman" Lee
6. Al Hrabosky
7. Bob Friend
8. John "Mule" Miles
9. Virgil "Fire" Trucks
10. Ron Cey
11. Marty Marion
12. Bill Virdon
13. Dick Groat
14. Bobby Shantz
15. Jerry Coleman
16. Lee MacPhail
17. Tito Francona
18. Claude Osteen
19. Cal McLish
20. Bobby Doerr

I have also made a Stu Miller but I haven't mailed it yet.
Also appearing soon will be:
1. Al Rosen
2. Roy Face
3. Carl Erskine
4. Gus Zernial
5. Ralph Houk
Both fine ideas. Does Buckner charge? I only have limited funds to do this with so I'd like to keep it with the guys who sign for free at the moment.
here's a few off the top of my head and also considering you are trying to send to guys who sign ttm...they arent all "wacky" but definitely defining imo.

1. bucky dent's bomb over the monster in fenway
2. you already have him but definitely shot heard round the world by bobby thomson
3 aaron boone bomb off wakefield to win alcs
4 don larsen perfect game
5/6 there are 2 guys who have hit 4 bombs in a game that sign ttm(mike cameron/mark whiten-whiten drove in 12 runs, tying another record)
7 rodney mccray running through the centerfield wall(i think he signs)
8 sid bream slide into home when braves beat pirates in nlcs
9 bud selig for the all star game tie (ha i doubt he'd sign that)
10 chris chambliss bomb to win alcs and had to avoid the mob at home plate
11 tracy stallard who gave up maris' 61st bomb on the last day of the season
12 luis gonzalez base hit off mariano
13 ump tim mcclelland who was the home plate ump in the george brett "pine tar" game
14 maybe some type of fernando-mania card....
15 and lastly b/c im a UT homer, ill throw in the 25 inning game UT won over Boston College last year 3-2 when Austin Wood went 13 innings(the first 12 1/3 were hitless) and threw 169 pitches.....
16 i would say zimmer when pedro threw him down but i think zim is using a ghost signer and plus i doubt he would like to sign that. that's part of the issue with wacky/embarrassing plays...will they sign that?
there's some...later

other Legends to consider

Vern Law 1960 cy young 1 WS
Bobby Richardson 7x all star 3x WS champ 5x gold glove
Billy Pierce 7x all star 1 WS
Frank Howard 60 ROY 4x AS 1 WS
Cecil Cooper 5x AS 2x gold glove 3x silver slugger
Lance Parrish 8X AS 1 WS 3x GG 6x SS
Roberto Alomar 12x AS 10 X GG 2x WS 4x SS
Joe Rudi 3x AS 3x WS 3x GG
Mike Mussina 5x AS 7x GG 270 wins
Kent Tekulve
Roy Sievers 4x AS rookie of year
Sal Bando 4X AS 3X WS
Bert Campaneris 6X AS 3X WS
Bob Uecker
Curt Simmons 3X AS 1WS
Jim Sundberg 1WS 3x AS 6x GG
Don Baylor 1 MVP 1AS 3 SS 1 manager of year

there's some to think about! :)
Wacky Moments - a few come to mind.

Tim McCarver's grandslam single - seems to me, he hit a salami and passed a runner between first and second; was credited with a single and 3 RBI and called out. Hard to believe old Timmy led the league in triples one season!!

Jimmy Piersall - hit some sort of milestone HR (100th?) and ran the bases backwards (not third to first, but with his body in reverse!)

John Kruk bailing out on Randy Johnson - I think it was an allstar game; The Big Unit sailed a fastball over Krukker's head, nearly stopping John's heart!