New guy from MN!


Bench Warmer
Hi all! I'm Matt, a new member from MN. Actually in college right now (attending Luther in Decorah, Iowa), but MN is my home and where I live when not in school. I'm members of a few other sites, but only today joined The Bench. You can find me on the following sites under the same username:

SportsCardFun (152 trading points)
SportsCardForum (107 feedbacks, 100% positive)
Blowout (22 feedbacks, 100% positive)

I'm also on a few other sites, but only go to those every now and then to look for new cards. I'll mainly be using The Bench as another place to spread the word to bring me your Chris Herrmann cards! I'm supercollecting him (currently at 53% completion of his cards, including 1/1s), and am always looking to add more of his cards, no matter if I have a copy already or not! I'm also a big Twins collector, and will occasionally go after some Wild and North Stars cards.

Looking forward to my time here!


Bench Warmer
Thanks, all!

Rhubarb, I'm almost positive that we have. If any Chris Herrmann cards make their way into your Twins collection, you know who to contact!