New interview subject!

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Questions for MR Romanowski

I have a couple of questions for you.

First question.
Who was the best lineman you faced during your playing days

Second Question
Who was the best running back you faced

Third question
You dont have to answer this if you dont want too.
On the spitting incident was it a moment in the heat of the game or was it intentional. Like I said you dont need to answer this question if you dont want too
Thank you for allowing us your time to answer our questions
Can't wait to hear the answer to this one:

Was there any particular QBs you really enjoyed getting a sack against?

Haha he might not answer that!

Thanks for the interview Tal! And thanks to Romo also!
What was your most memorable moment with the Silver and Black?



PS - Thank you for sigining my autograph request, it is one of my favorite Raider autographs!
If you could go back and change one thing when you played what would it be? And what do you think of the players coming into the NFL today getting millions with out have even played one down in the NFL?

Thanks, Sean
1. What did you major in @ Boston College?

2. What's your most memorable moment when you played for the Broncos?
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