New Kind of Custom, What to do With Old Stamps-UPDATED

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Dec 1, 2005
Severn, MD
A little background: When my mom downsized her house 3 years ago, I brought a ton of stuff back to my house including two large boxes of stamps. She collected them as a kid in the 50s up through the mid-80s. There hundreds of unused and postmarked stamps dating back to the 19th century (the oldest I've noticed was a Cuban stamp from 1855) thrown into a couple of smaller boxes. Thankfully, most of the collection was placed on sheets with mounts and cateloged.

Well, I started making some custom cards using the stamps, I'll need to make one for Pat Neshek and send it to him to get autographed. Here's the first ones I made and printed (have a few more designed but not printed). The stamps have some sort of connection to the player featured.



Hopefully, I get some more printed tonight and I'll post those too.
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Wow! Those are Awesome! Great idea and the cards look amazing.

Makes me want to dig out my old stamps and do something like this...

very nice! only thing is i would turn the payton stamp like like clemente!
It' might be fun to experiment to some of those player coins as well. The problem for me is cutting a hole in the card. What do you use for that? Is there a special machine that does this?
That's a really neat idea and I'm sure they have even more sentimental value to you considering they were stamps belonging to your family. I especially like the Robinson and Clemente ones. Nice job :) You should definitely try to get some signed!!
Thanks for the comments guys, working to finish 3 or 4 tonight, but that will have to wait until The Office and 30 Rock are over and the kids are in bed.

Worldwideed, I cut these with a small metal ruler and an exacto knife. I've cut curves with the exacto knife on a few custom cards, but never a circle. Not sure if something that can cut circles could be found in a scrapbooking section or not, never looked.
It' might be fun to experiment to some of those player coins as well. The problem for me is cutting a hole in the card. What do you use for that? Is there a special machine that does this?

Oh yes, those 1988 and 1989 Topps Coins! Might be an interesting use for them.

Love the concept of the customs with stamps, btw...creative and practical.
don't know how much you want to invest, but i use one of these at work to punch holes in gaskets of various thickness and many different materials. works real well.


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Finally made three new ones.
Had two of these stamps, so one will be going to Pat to keep.


Not happy with how the picture of Carew turned out, too much shadow on his face. I'll see if I can find a better picture and redo this one at some point.