New Member to The Bench!


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Hello all!

Name is Doug and I just joined up. I am a member of several other forums and heard some good things about this forum so I decided to give it a try! I currently live in NY and work for the Mets.

I only collect baseball and the only player I currently collect is R.A. Dickey. I've collected R.A. Dickey since 1997 when he was brought up with the Rangers. Check out my collection if you would like (link in my sig)... It's much larger now, i havent updated the photos :D ) I am always buying/trading for R.A. Dickey cards, especially serial cards! So let me know what you have!! :D I am hoping to meet some grade collectors and have some good times trading here!

Current cards I'm struggling to find are:
1997 Bowman Int'l ref
2005 Topps Black
2004 USA Red Auto
2005,2011 1/1's