New old guy, or is it old new guy?

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Nov 3, 2010
Washington state
Hi, My name is John and I found the bench totally by accident. I'm in the process of consolidating a card collection that I put together in the early 90's and I was wanting to sell or trade cards but was having trouble finding ways to do that. Ebay doesn't seem like a very good avenue unless you basically want to give your cards away, which, of course begs the question, what are sports cards really worth anyway? So, what I think I would like to try is find a way to trade modern cards (i.e. mid 80's to mid 90's) of players who are now in the HOF plus a few star players who haven't made it yet, for more vintage material, sometimes of the same player, but maybe of a player I don't have any cards for yet. The best material I have to trade is basketball, but there are some baseball cards and even a few football. Will anyone out there trade vintage material for more modern material? I don't know, but it's worth a shot. How do I use this site to attempt this? I'm not sure yet. Hopefully, I will find out as I go.
Welcome to The Bench!

Everyone here will be more than happy to help out as best they can. If you have any Kirby Pucketts that you would like to trade away, let me know.

Two thoughts on how best to trade with people. You can post what you have to trade in an appropriate forum thread and hope people are waiting for that mass produced stuff, or you can be a bit more proactive and search out people's wantlists. You can find wantlists in a few ways, first you can check either setbuilder wantlists threads in that forum or check the "collectors" menu pulldown to see if people collect a particular set or players that you may have. You can also click on people's www buttons to see personal websites that would have lists if you can see by their signatures or profiles that they may collect from the era you have trade material in.

Good luck!
Thanks for the welcome everyone. I don't know about the Molitor Diamond Kings. I'll be sorting through what I have over the next couple of weeks (or however long it takes, I, unfortunately, have to work for a living and I also (fortunately) have a family to keep happy), but I will be listing what I have available and the kinds of things I'm looking for. I understand that what I have is mostly mass produced, but on the other hand, I won't be asking for a Mickey Mantle rookie card either. :) (old school, that's me). I have one or two 1st day issue commons but will have to get them out as well.
Thanks again!
Hi John! Welcome to The Bench! Be sure to read the FAQ in the blue area near the top of each page. Cannot sell until you had 20 trades with 20 different traders! Best regards, David
welcome to the bench...I am looking for 1988 cards cause it was the year I was born, but I have a few vintage cards I am willing to trade... let me know your wants and I'll see if we can make a came to the right place...the bench is awesome for trades!
I'm wondering if it is possible to build my list of cards to trade here on this site. I notice many of you have web sites that seem to detail collections, wants and trading material. I've never created a web site. Is that the best way to go, or the only way to go?
Also, I am finding that the process of looking at a card, typing down the info and grading it are incredibly time consuming. This is going to take much more time then I thought. And as to grading, since I haven't paid much attention to that in the past, and I can't say how good I am at it, it seems..... look at Beckett's grading guide in the front of any magazine or book and be conservative. Most of the cards I have have been minimally handled and basically look like they did when they came out of a pack. Centering, pretty obvious if there is a border, otherwise????
Anyway, I'm going to start in on the lists now, and hopefully I can post something somewhere in the next few days.
Oh yeah, one more thing, what about cards that I can't find mentioned in Beckett's? For instance the Donruss 1986 Highlights subset. Don't find that anywhere. And Fleer's Baseball's Best (1985 and 1986), don't find that either.
Welcome to The Bench!

You can find those sets, if you subscribe to Beckett's online price guide.


Oh yeah, one more thing, what about cards that I can't find mentioned in Beckett's? For instance the Donruss 1986 Highlights subset. Don't find that anywhere. And Fleer's Baseball's Best (1985 and 1986), don't find that either.