New to cards completely! Inherited thousands!

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Aug 29, 2023
Hello all the name is Chrissy!

I am majorly overwhelmed with the two generations of cards (mostly baseball) that were passed down to me! I could reallllllly use some help.
I have brough them into shops and spoke with many people online and I am getting the run around or not taken seriously since I clearly have no idea what I have.
I am pretty frustrated at this point. I do not have the room for all the cards and I know that there has to folks out there that would actually love and appreciate the cards.
Since they game from my grandfather and my father they are still special and I think they would agree they rather go to collectors and fans rather than shops that have tried to basically tell me eh its okay when Im pretty sure some i found are pretty cool. (ha i know nothing but im allowed to have my own cool rating)

Ive tried to organize some but at this point ive given up. There are at least 6 moving boxes full.

Some idea of what I have (not going to give out names until i can get a vibe from everyone - not saying ya'll are the same - I just am wary):
- Rookie Cards
- Record breaking cards
- Before 1970's cards
- An odd collection from all different brands and years for the Orioles (they were huge fans) so far the amount Ive counted is like 200
- Some awesome players (hint: come cool cats that played for the O's)
- And what i deem some fun throwbacks

SO before i load all these dang pictures can anyone / does anyone want to take the time haha to help?

is sounds like they are all nice vintage cards a lot of traders here that collect that stuff btw welcome to the site
Hello all the name is Chrissy!

SO before i load all these dang pictures can anyone / does anyone want to take the time haha to help?


my recommendation --- go to Beckett-dot-com and purchase a one-week or one-month trial baseball price guide subscription (make sure to turn off the "auto-renew" function in your profile) and look up some of the stuff you have to get a sense of what they may be worth.
Also, take a look at their tutorial on grading the condition of the card.

For example, you may have a 1957 Topps #328 Brooks Robinson RC which is valued at $1,500 on Beckett. However, if it was absolutely flawless and a true 10-out-of-10 condition-wise (and you had it graded and verified by a professional company like PSA) then that card could go for $10,000+ (maybe) at auction. However, if has dinged-corners, creasing, discoloration and/or was off-center, it may only sell for $100-ish depending on how poor of a condition it is in.

*you can also look up the card on E-Bay or COMC-dot-com to see some comparable real/actual sale prices, too.
Welcome to The Bench. If you looking for comparisons, you can also look at the Marketplace or Those two are likely lower prices that COMC If you havew a good statrer set from the 1960's, I might be interested. I'm thinking more than 300 cards from a given year without creases. Or a few cards creased.
Hi Chrissy and welcome. There are many collectors of vintage cards on this board. Many knowledgeable collectors as well. Im sure that you would be able to find serious members here that would be willing to help in any way they could. KC Royals! and Anglinomics are well respected members of the boards and easy to deal with as well. As are many other members here. Good luck and again, Welcome.
Good luck and getting a Beckett subscription or looking up the cards on ebay is a great idea to start with. Just remember if you dont feel right about selling or even trading just hold onto the cards. You might want to pull any hofers out and seperate them from the common cards as they go for better money, especially pre 1970. Also if they have any current star cards (Trout, Ohtani, Jeter, Pujols etc) they can always be worth something a little more.


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And more


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All that stuff from the 90s is not worth much but those older ones could be not much of a vintage collector so I wouldn't know as much about the vintage but please ask our other members
Welcome! The photos that you sent… all are late 80s-90s. These unfortunately were from the “junk era.” Cards were over produced to the point of market saturation. When everyone can get the same cards their value decreases to just a few cents each.

The Frank Thomas rookie is nice. Probably $2-4.

The photo with Pedro Ramos has cards from the early 60s. No studs in that photo. They would be known as “commons.” Worth a $1-2 ea probably.

Most of the people on here are awesome and would certainly be honest with you.

Happy to help if you have more questions. I agree with what some of the other members said regarding Beckett.
Welcome! If you go the Beckett route, you can organize your cards to make it a lot easier to know what you have. I have spent close to a year on mine. I have a collection for each set, and are organizing by PC (personal collection) sets and players I like. For doubles and others I have them separated by star cards worth more than a dollar, non common under a dollar, and commons. Also have binders with inserts worth more than a dollar for easy trading. I would be interested in any Twins/Senators, Brewers, Kirby Puckett or Any Topps set needs (1980 to current)
Looks like your vintage stuff, what I've seen so far, is between 1956 and 1969............Also appears to be mostly the Washington Senators, which makes sense.........I could use a few from 1963 to 1967; most of the ones I need are card #'s #450 and up.............Hope this helps..........
So far, the vintage is worth you checking out. Old sets were separated into series. Generally speaking, the higher the series the harder they are to find. Later series are commonly called semi high numbers and high numbers. In some sets, the high numbers are worth significantly more than the lower series cards. The stars and super stars are worth the most regardless of series. As if that isnt crazy enough, many sets had sp's (short prints) mixed in as well. You definitely want to make a list of what you have and check out completed auctions on ebay at the very least.

The newer stuff that others referred to as the Junk wax era is hit and miss. Some cards from that era hold value but mainly HOF rookies from those sets are worth a bit. Example, a 1993 topps Derek Jeter rc books at 20.00

Good luck and congrats on the nice vintage collection!!
Welcome Chrissy~
Everything these folks have mentioned I agree with. One thing that I will touch on is condition, because it's EVERYTHING. Keep your vintage in those 9 pockets pages for protection... your cards are only worth as much as the condition they are in. Don't get too caught up in the '87--'95 junk wax stuff (the last year of stats on the back of the card, say 1969 will tell you it's a 1970 card. Look for the copyright date in small type on the back of the card to tell you what year it is.) This is a good community and people will help you along so you can let your guard down. If you have any 1970s era cards I would be interested... Best regards, ~Rooster.
You are all AWESOME.
We are digging in more today. Please enjoy my photos and pain about commence digging through these..//and to many of you a horror site. Oh there are 5 more like these…


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