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Jun 14, 2010
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Lancaster, NH
Hi all. I am mew to the forum. Been collecting baseball cards since early 1990's. Huge Braves fan. Currently got back into cards after getting a few boxes for cheap. Hope to do some trading.

Currently getting my website up and going.

I collect Braves

Also looking for old US coins. Will trade for cards or buy from you.
Welcome. I'm going to be opening a huuuuge box soon. Any Braves I should be looking for?
Thanks all for the replies. I have been out of collecting cards for a few years to concentrate on my coin collection so I am missing many from 2004 and up. I am trying to get all my Braves cards organized and listed so I know exactly what I have for the early 80's till the early 2000's.
Welcome to The Bench! You can find most of the information and rules by clicking on Blue Area near the top of each page for FAQ. Best regards, David