New To Grading

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Jul 4, 2007
New Hampshire
Please help me figure this out, I just had a trade offer for a Brandon Moss 06 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor Grade 9 MT.

Here's the Graded Info: It has all 9's with one 9.5 subgrade for edges.

I want to know if a trade of a Game Used 4/5 is a good trade.
Someone please explain the value of grading to me?? I do not get my cards graded, but have a chance to get one. Does grading make the card more valuable than if it wasn't?

Really is all up to you on if it is worth more, to me its really not worth much more unless its something really rare or old. For someone that wants their cards to be as perfect as they can be then yeah I would say its worth more, I personally won't pay more for a card I want graded then I would ungraded even if it was a 10.
I value graded cards that are new this way. 9=ungraded bv. So the Moss is numbered to 25 and bv is not available. The gold Moss books at $20 and is numbered to 50. So my guess is the orange would book at around $40 to $50. The grading would not increase that value. So if your GU is worth more than $40 based on bv do not do it. But if you want the Moss more than go for it.

I always figure there will always be more gu made for nearly every player, and probably more numbered to 5. But there are no more Moss rookies being made.

Older cards are much different. A 9 does not equal the book value. 9's would be much more than book.

Good luck

Thanks guys, Shawn I like your advice and think I won't do it as the Moss is BV for $40 and I don't have anything that high of BV.

Amy :)